Jovial (23 Nov 2014)
"Icke and his sources"

Someone posted at about David 1cke and remote viewing (RV). attributes his sources to "channelling" , not RV.  Channelling, by its very name, suggests a spiritual source, and obviously not a good one.  That is very different from RV.

I am skeptical of a lot of what he has promoted, particularly his theory that all world leaders are actually reptiles in disguise.  He does recognize the problems with the Illuminati, and other bad guys, but doesn't see everything the way we'd see it and therefore may not interpret what he learns through a pure Gospel lens.  And he may be an example of someone whom the other side channels misinformation (such as reptilian nonsense) to in order to discredit his legitimate ideas.  It is like I said before, they put out misinformation about conspiracies in order to discredit the legitimate info.

Some people get several different techniques confused, so let me explain several of them.

Channeling, is something I don't have to say much about.  You all should recognize this for what it is.  Christians should only channel the Spirit of God, who won't work through unbelievers.  That's called PROPHECY when it is done right.

With meditation, new age "gurus" try and TRICK people into consulting with demons. They tell them to consult with 2 "spirit guides", which are really demons, but they are tricked into believing they are "good" beings. They can also see things in the spiritual realm, but I believe that such practices are indeed demonic and we should not engage in meditation. Any information gathered must be held suspect, since demons can be expected to LIE to you.

RV may not be demonic.  I thought it was something bad the first time I heard about it too, until I heard it explained in more depth and came to the conclusion that perhaps there is some sort of neutral area the brain could work in that is neither demonic nor divine, but purely scientific or some mix of science or intuition. 

The technique began in Russia.  Around the 1970s, the US began to realize that the Russians were getting intel from allegedly psychic sources.  What worried them was that the intel was accurate.  When we began to learn the technique, they found they could train agents to do it who had no history of "psychic" abilities whatsoever.  Some Christians with solid theological credentials and who have sworn off new age practices like meditation still swear it is legitimate and not demonically influenced.  They simply believe the unconscious mind is able to tap into viewing anything happening anywhere by subconsciously tuning itself into the same frequency as the surroundings desired to be seen, just like a radio antenna tunes into a particular broadcast channel by vibrating at the same frequency as the signal being broadcast.  The police regularly use people who have this ability to find missing persons and dead bodies.  They show them a photo and their mind allegedly taps into the frequency given off by the photo.

The theory about how it works is that everything that happens is broadcast everywhere, not via TV or radio wave signals, but in the form of raw light and energy / sound vibrations, and that your brain can tune into it.  Your eyes see what is directly in front of you, but the mind that recieves the images can tune into what is "in the air" by learning to tune into the frequency of what is being broadcast.  It is done through subconscious intuition, not something you can control via a dial like on a TV or radio.  But it still allegedly works on the same basic principal.  But I definitely understand that principal.  I built a radio once from raw materials, wrapping copper around a coil and getting it to tune into a radio station and it is neat how simple parts like that can create something so useful.  You can build a radio out of rather cheap parts if you know what you are doing.  It is physics, not magic.

RV is reported to have been shut down as a source of intel in the 1990s due to unreliability. They couldn't trust the info unless multiple sources were saying the same thing, and there is a level of subjectivity to it whereby one could mistake an imagined image with a real one. It is not 100% reliable because the brain cannot always distinguish between what it has imagined and what it is actually seeing remotely.

I am not 100% certain what to think of the practice myself, but the scientific explanation of how it works does seem to match other things science knows about what happens when two objects match the same frequency.  I haven't explored it any further than to read what others have said about it, but I would not dismiss it out of hand.  But again, since it has been observed that the brain cannot always distinguish between remote reception and imagination, it cannot be considered 100% reliable.

The scientific explanation is not used by everyone.  Some people who promote RV explain it through Jungian psychology rather than science.  This is probably misinformation to prevent those practicing it from learning how it REALLY works.  But neither the scientific nor the psychological explanation of how it works necessarily violates spiritual principals.  Once again, the enemy spreads a lot of misinformation for a lot of reasons.

There's an old saying that any technology that cannot be explained is indistinguishable from magic.  Take a laptop back to 1000 AD, and you might get hanged by a mob for practicing witchcraft.  They'd accuse you of making images magically appear on the screen.

Unlike channeling or meditation, RV does not involve tricking people into consulting with demons.  It is explained either scientifically or through Jungian philosophy, depending on who you talk to, but either way, it is an attempt to encouraged people to do it using the natural laws of how the universe works.  It is definitely in the realm of "weird", but not necessarily demonic.  I haven't come to a final conclusion on whether I think it is a good idea, but I would not dismiss it out of hand or assume it is demonic.  It could be legit.  If you're not sure and want to experiment with it, just pray that demons can't influence you, try it and see what happens and let me know what you experienced. 

Astral travel is another technique that has been used for remote intelligence discovery.  This is where someone's spirit actually leaves their body and then returns.  Some of the people who have done it have said their spirit stays connected to their body via a thin cord of some sort.  If that cord breaks, you die.  Instead of tuning into something being broadcast, one actually travels to it happening and observes it.  I would not recommend doing it, whether it works or not.  I have heard there are side effects; such as slipping out of your body accidentally when you don't want it to happen.  I would personally discourage people from doing it and encourage folks to stay in their body whether it is demonic or neutral or whatever.  But it is another technique our Gov has used to gather intel, and some people in Icke's circles have also used that as a source to gather intel.  Whether they understand what they are seeing is another matter.  Someone may be able to induce astral travel without the help of demons, but it is still, in my opinion, a perversion of God's design of things and I would highly discourage people from even experimenting with it.  If something is a perversion fo God's design, that is all we should need to conclude to stay away from it.  It may not have to be as far out there as full fledged demonic.