Jim Bramlett (30 Nov 2014)
"God's Final Jubilee"

Dear friends:


Recently, I shared about  the late scientific genius and Bible scholar Sir Isaac Newton who, some 300 years ago,  amazingly wrote about events in our day.   Interpreted, this included Israel capturing Jerusalem and the Temple Mount on June 7, 1967 and how he took the “seven weeks” of years (49 years) from Daniel 9:25 and how he would have arrived at September 2015 for the return of Christ.   If that message is still on your computer I urge you to review it.  It  is profound.


Equally profound is an interview I discovered today on Prophecy in the News TV between host Dr. Kevin Clarkson and guest Dan Goodwin, author of “God’s Final Jubilee.”


They discussed the exact same time period and other prophetic and converging things about it that are noteworthy, which include:


1.        A Sabbatical Year.

2.       The 70th Jubilee Year from Moses.

3.       The 120th (and final) Jubilee Year of creation (Genesis 6:3)

4.       A blood moon.    


And more.  Don’t miss it.


See “God’s Final Jubilee” Parts 1 and 2,  at http://www.themoriahfoundation.com/home/links/pitn/


I am excited at the revelation God is giving us!