Jim Bramlett (23 Nov 2014)
"It's Logical!"

Dear friends:

When in college, at about age 20, I decided to minor in Philosophy.  I wanted to know about life and I figured my church was not giving me the whole story.   Surely those distinguished, learned professors would set me straight and tell me what I needed to know.

It turned out that those professors did not know near as much about truth as my childhood Sunday School teacher.  That’s because her knowledge was based on God’s Word and their knowledge was based fallible human understanding.

However, I did learn one thing in those studies.  It was in a course on Logic.  Using principles of Logic helps one to analyze situations and come to optimal conclusions.

See the profound example below….


Is the Bible true?   It either is true or it is not true.

If it is true, and you believe it, you know that God loves you and you will have an eternal life with Him in Paradise because of what Jesus did.  Further, you have the benefit of all of God’s promises.

If it is not true, or if you do not believe it, you have no hope, and your life and all your cherished values are worth no more than that of a roach bug.

Someone might say, “Well, I do not believe the Bible, but I believe the Koran.  Allah will save me.”  Good luck with that.  Allah did not die for your sins and rise again.  Jesus did.

Believe the Bible.  It’s logical.  Your future depends on it.