Jennie (23 Nov 2014)
"UFO over Jerseleum  and the Pale Horse    Both in 2011"

This wasn't no UFO, it was the Chariot from Heaven dropping off the Two Witnesses's.  Why would I say that?  That is because 2011 is when the Beginning of the Tribulation Started.  I used to be a Pre-Tribber, but after seeing the events every day happening, you can't help but wonder if the Seals have been opened??
Seal 1     White Horse    Possibly Obama???     Pope Francis the False Prophet
Seal 2     Red Horse   Takes Peace from Earth in all directions.  (How can you deny that isn't happening at a Major Scale right now?)
Seal 3  Black Horse   Balance    ( People today are living from paycheck to paycheck, with piles of debt, no more Savings Accounts....)
Seal 4  Pale Horse    Death and Sickness      2011 The Pale Horse was shown to the Entire World that he was here.    (Sickness Everywhere)
Seal 5   Martyrs      (Today, Millions of innocent people are being killed right before our eyes for Jesus)
Daniel's 70th week   is   2018  The Final Jubilee and the End of all things and the 1,000 Year Millennium begins.  ( To make all things new, to restore, to start again)
So, as you can see the Seals have been opened and started opening in 2011 when the Two Witnesses's were dropped off on the Temple Mount.  The Fourth Horse was shown to us in 2011 as well.  (The Two Witnesses's will come out of hiding when the time is right)
I am sorry if everyone is in Denial that we will Escape All of the 7 Year Tribulation, but unfortunately we do go through a part of it.  This is why Jesus said to be strong.  We should give Glory to God for Sparing us the Second Half of the Tribulation???  The Great Tribulation starts at Seal 6.  
We are almost done,  Jesus is about to come for us.   Be Joyous in that.  YSIC  Jennie