Jan J (30 Nov 2014)
"I Thess.2:19-20 - also  Anthony, Michelle & Jeff"


On the Nov. 23rd postings, a few comments:
First, I love the verses John put across the top of the page...I Thess. 2:19 and 20.  I believe that we are given glimmers of the
joy as time draws near for the Rapture.  Sometimes I experience rejoicing in a way that is more pronounced than some time ago. The Lord is preparing us.
Recently I'd posted "Why the rebuilding of the temple matters"
and some of the Doves are discussing this.  Anthony has posted a wonderful article with some insight on the temple which is certainly prophetic.
Michelle has zeroed in on the importance of September, 2015,
with some interesting observations.
It looks like SEVERAL PUZZLE PIECES are coming together in the near future.......and those PIECES have some exciting revelations
(revealing) that will cause our faith and rejoicing to intensify!!!
Jeff - God can use anyone to accomplish HIS purpose...even those who are not Christian.  With that being said, you did a brilliant job interpreting the words of Nostradamus in a way that shines a spotlight on September of 2015.  Thanks for sharing it.
God will confirm things often through a second person....To see such a mention of Sept. 2015 through more than two Doves....well,
I'd say we need to 'pay attention!'