Gino (30 Nov 2014)
"RE: Marilyn Agee: 11.16.14"

Dear Marilyn,
Thank you for taking the time to write to me, and clearly you took a good while to put your letter together.
I remember a few years back, that I wrote to you outside of FiveDoves, because what I wrote was too lengthy to post.
You had taken a great deal of time to read & analyze what I wrote, and crafted a suitable reply.
So, whether we agree or disagree on things, I cannot but help respect your effort that you put in to all you’ve written over the years.
The heading of your post was, “There are 2 mistakes in 2Th 2:1-4 in the KJV”.
You then went on to describe the Codices Siniaticus, Vaticanus, and Alexandrinus.
As I had previously admitted to Jovial, I’m what others would call, “King James Only”.
My reasons for believing that way are not rooted in textual criticism or in scientific scholarship.
I believe that it was the Holy Ghost that convinced me that the book is his, pure, preserved word of God.
In a similar way as to how I do not regard scientific “proofs” to dissuade my word-for-word trust in Genesis 1;
I also do not regard archeological discoveries as a basis for believing things in the scriptures, or even as an “assist”.
For a number of years, people have come to me with something they say should prevent me from trusting the book 100%.
By saying, “the book”, I’m referring to what people call the King James, Cambridge, but calls itself the word of God.
No doubt, many who have approached me on this are far greater scholars than I’ll ever be.
However, each time, it seems to me to be a simple choice.
Will I continue to trust the book in my hand, or will I take that person’s reasoning for not fully trusting it?
I have a hard time believing that at the Judgment seat of Christ, that Jesus will rebuke me for trusting the book 100%.
Will he rebuke me for being so childish as to simply believe the book 100%?
Will he rebuke me for not following scholarship or scientific studies?
If that is true, then I would rather be explaining why I didn’t follow scholarship, than why I didn’t fully trust the book.
I realize that because of this approach, I look like a complete fool, without any reasoning ability.
To look that totally foolish & childish to my Brethren, is a clear side effect of being “King James Only”.
It is, however, a humiliation that I think is well worth having, even though many of my Brethren may no longer take me seriously.
As I said previously, I still respect your work and effort in all you have written to FiveDoves over the years.
Even though there may be some things that we do not agree on, I have enjoyed reading your letters, and will still read them.
I look forward to worshipping Jesus, together with you, in that day when he brings us all home.