Corey Lessmann (23 Nov 2014)
"Is Obama the one?"


Hey, John and Doves!


Please use your “spiritual wisdom” on this one….but here it goes.  Pretty amazing!


On Thursday of this week I was driving home 6 hours from business meetings when my Dad called me to catch up.  We started talking about what a mess the US is in right now and we immediately dove into how evil our president seems to be.

Dad asked me if I was still hearing that Obama was the anti-Christ.  I said that through the Five Doves and many high character Bible scholars that it was still a good chance of it.  Dad had some other theories that I wont’ go into, but I explained why some of his thoughts would not fit.  We ended our call on ……”one way or another….Jesus is coming soon”.


I continued my drive and said a quick prayer to the Lord.  I just asked…”Lord, is Obama the anti-Christ?  Please show me or give me a sign if You would”.


About 10 minutes later I had to go to the bathroom so decided to stop at the next exit.  I really wanted to keep driving….but all of a sudden had to go!

I saw an exit and quickly took it.  I saw a gas station on the right, but decided to go left.  There was another gas station.

I pulled up, ran in to hit the mens’ room real fast so I could get going again.


As I was standing in line….really was a line!  I looked to my left at the bathroom door.  On the side of the door it read……”OBAMA IS SATAN”.  (somebody had wrote this in marker)


I about flipped!!!! Are you kidding me?  Thank you Lord for answering me.  Pretty clear answer Lord!  Wow.

I called my Dad back and told  him what just happened.  Think he had to sit down. Ha!


I just can’t believe, Doves, that this is coincidence or random.  The odds of me stopping at “this exact gas station” and having to go to the bathroom “suddenly”……well it has to be astronomical.

To add that I just asked the Lord to please show me.  Our God is amazing!


Stay the course Doves… can’t be too long now!!!!!


See you all soon

Corey L.