Chris K (23 Nov 2014)
"Haggai Psalm"

To John and all the Doves
     I have been WORSHIPING using the Psalms and scripture for several years now, and have most recently found this WORD revealed from within the book of Haggai. It seemed relevant to the day and hour in which we have arrived, and also, that this very WORD seems to have been shown to other Saints concerning the upcoming Feast of Hanukkah.
                                                                                Your brother, Chris K.

Haggai Psalm

The second year of Darius
     the king, in the sixth month,
in the first day of the month, the
     Word of Yahweh came by
(This prophecy by Haggai seems to make a very big
                                                         deal out of particular dates of the month, as if drawing
                                                         attention to them on purpose for prophetic reasons,
                                                         also, it mentions King Darius, who was the King that
                                                         gave the command for the Jews to return and begin
                                                         to rebuild Jerusalem and the this prophecy
                                                         is for us about the building of Christ's Temple of His
                                                         BODY in the last-days....remember that, its important
                                                         toward the end of the prophecy)

Haggai the prophet speaking to
     Zerubbabel, the son
of Shealtiel, governor of
    Judah; and Joshua,   
(Zerubbabel means: "he who comes out of confusion", or for
                                              us it means, "those who come-out of false religion")

son of Jehozadak, the priest,
     saying: Thus says Yahweh
of all the hosts, "This people says,
     the time has not come for,

The time for which to build God's house."
     Then the Word of Yahweh
came by Haggai the prophet, said,
     Is it time for you to?  
("this people says", they say in their hearts, it not the time
                                                 for Christ to BUILD and consummate His other
                                                 words, the END has not yet come, nor the time for Christ's
                                                 return, as if it were not ever going to happen. This is the
                                                 unbelief of the modern congregations, and this is the un-
                                                 faithfull attitude of the unbelieving Church goers)


time for you and yourselves to live
     in your paneled houses,
and for My house to it lie waste?
     And now, thus says Yahweh
(Everybody wants to have there own little place in the
                                                             world, and be "earth-dwellers", but Christ and His
                                                             true BODY have nowhere to lay their heads in this
                                                             world, and everybody still ignores the "building"
                                                             of God's SPIRITUAL HOUSE by God's WORD)

of Hosts: Set your heart on your ways.
      You've sown much, but you reap
very little; you eat, but don't
     have quite enough within,
(Think about what it is that you are doing in this world
                                                           and "go ahead" and set your hearts thereon, because
                                                           people will do what it is they want to do, and pretend
                                                           that its God's will, and because of this attitude, God's
                                                           Spiritual Blessings cannot come)

you drink, but are not satisfied;
     put on clothes, but are cold.
And he that goes to work to earn
     wages, fills bags with holes.
(Because of this carnal attitude, man has chosen
                                                             material blessings over the Spirit of the Living God,
                                                             and convinces himself that God wants to "bless"
                                                             him with every physical comfort. But, this is not how
                                                             the Father truly desires to bless mankind....there will
                                                             always be "holes" in our Spiritual understanding, and
                                                             God will withhold the true depth of the nature of Christ
                                                             from them who choose their own way)

Thus says Yahweh of Hosts: Do think
     about all of your ways.
Go upon the mountain and bring
     wood to build up this house. 
(Think about what you are doing...and then, go and
                                                                bring down the materials needed to build your own
                                                                abode. Go up to the Mountain of God and take from
                                                                there what you need to do your own will and to
                                                                build your own house of worship, and then, think
                                                                some more about "what the hell it is that you are
                                                                doing"....its sort of like taking Gods blessings and
                                                                building materials, and then turning around and
                                                                building your own construction without His
                                                                permission or "building permit".)


Then,will I be pleased with it, and
     will I be glorified?
saith Yahweh, You did seek much,
     but it came to little.
(God is "posing" the question here sarcastically, "Do you
                                              actually think that I will be happy or glorified with your
                                              "works", and your construction? Just because you have been
                                              blessed and get to do your own will does not mean that God
                                              is happy with what you are doing, and then, He goes on to say,
                                              how much less than what He originally planned of the
                                              blessings you have actually been receiving)

when you brought it home, then I blew
     on it, and it scattered.
Why? says Yahweh of Hosts. Because
     of My house in ruins,
(You have actually been blighted because you have NOT
                                                 attended to the "Spiritual Construction" of the inner-man
                                                by the Spirit and by the WORD of God, and because of this
                                                the inner-Temple of your heart is in ruins)

and, each man, runs to his own house,
      taking shelter therein.
On account of this, the heavens
     will hold back its blessings
(Each person is running to their own abode of their
                                                           own creation within their own hearts, and because
                                                           of this, the blessings of the Holy Spirit by the SPIRIT
                                                           cannot take hold within the heart of man....this is not
                                                           talking about material blessings, it means the "Spirit
                                                           of Truth" within the heart of man)

hold back the dew, and the earth does
     withold all of her fruit.
 I called for a drought in the land,    
     on the mountains, and grain
(The "dew" is the blessings of the "Spirit of
                                                               understanding" that rains down from the "Cloud
                                                               of Witnesses" that walk according to Christ'
                                                               "Covenant Cup of afflictions and sufferings", and
                                                               because of that, the "Wheat Harvest" is hindered
                                                               and the "Wine" of the Spirit of truth is less, and
                                                              the anointing of the "Oil of Gladness" of rejoicing
                                                              through WORSHIP is held back, as well.)

and on the new wine, and the oil,
     that which the ground brings forth,
and on man, on livestock, and all
     the labor of your hands.  
(the "works" of our hands, by the Spirit will be held
                                                         back, blighted and hindered and everything in the
                                                         world from the believer to the unbeliever and every
                                                         thing we do will be Spiritually cursed and held in

Those coming out of Babylon,
     the Sons who who asks of me,
high priest, and all the remnant of
     the people, did obey
(All those that come-out of Babylonish worship, and any
                                                who seek and-ask-of-God as "Father"...those Priest/Kings
                                                who are the remnant of my people, and who hear the
                                                prophetic utterance of, and,  seek His appointed-time!)

hearkened to the voice of Yahweh,
     by Haggai the prophet,
as Yahweh, their God, had sent him.
     the people feared Yahweh.
(They heard and listened and did all that was
                                                            told them to do...they had respect and honer for
                                                            His Living-WORD as revealed by the Bible)

Haggai, the messenger of God,
     spoke the message of God
to the people, saying, I am
     is with you, says Yahweh.
(Haggai means "Feast" or "Appointed Day" or "DAY
                                                        OF GOD' APPOINTMENT"
, and all the people of God
                                                        in Christ heard and hearkened to that appointed
                                                        time, and had respect for the truth therein the great
                                                        I AM!
....Haggai's very name is a prophetic reference to
                                                        the appointed day of Christ, and is spoken and told
                                                        within this prophecy!....the 24th day of the ninth month)


Yahweh stirred up the spirit of
     all those who came out of
Babylon, its false religeon,
     and the Sons who do ask
(And God the Father gets everyone all exited, who are
                                                       part of this "coming-out party", and those that have left
                                                       behind false religion and Babylonian confusion....all
                                                       those who worship within the "inner-court" of the
                                                       heart, the NEW Living-Temple of God, and everyone
                                                       who just simply "asks of Him" in Spirit and in Truth)

of Yahweh, and the Spirit of
     Yeshuah, the High Priest,
the Spirit of the remnant that
     of the people. And they
(Joshua=Yeshuah=High Priest, and the Spiritual
                                                     Remnant of the Church that still come into the
                                                     "inner" House of God to do repair work there)

came and worked on the house of God,
     Yahweh, the God of Hosts,
on the twenty-fourth day of the
     sixth month, the second year
(They come-in to the House of God by FAITH
                                                                in the WORD of truth and restore the parts
                                                                that are damaged by the flesh)

of Darius the king. Then in
     the seventh month, on the
twenty-first of the month, the Word
    of Yahweh cameth by
(Once again, King Darius is mentioned, who gave command
                                                 to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple, and also
                                                 gave of his own resources for the task)


Haggai the prophet, and saying,
     Speak to Zerubbabel,
those that come out of Babylon,
     the Sons that ask of me.
(Speak to them that"Come-Out-Of-Her-My-People",
                                                      and that leave the confusion of false religion behind
                                                      ....the "Appointed-Day" is to "Speak to them".)

He that rules over all in PRAISE
     of Yahweh, and unto
Yeshuah, the High Priest, to the
     remnant of the people,
(He that rules over everyone who is in Praise to God
                                                     the Father, and the remnant...)

Say to them, "Who's left among you
     that saw this house before?"
"Saw her in her former glory,
     how do you see it now?"
(Say to them, Who there remembers what the Church
                                                        was like before this final desolation had occurred? Even
                                                        forty years ago it was dedicated and whole unto God...
                                                        Faithful, Believing and True! Does today's Church appear
                                                        the same? NO, It does not!)

When you compare it to before,
     does it look like nothing,
within your eyes? Yet now be strong,
     all you who've come out of
(When you look at the congregations and the modern
                                                             assemblies of today, does it seem anything like it did
                                                             even thirty years ago? What do the eyes of your heart
                                                             tell you?....NOW, Be strong in-the-Spirit, all you that
                                                             have come-out-of those congregations....)


Babylon, says Yahweh. Be strong,
     O Yeshuah, My Son,
who asks of me, You are High Priest.
     be strong, all you people
(All of you who dwell in Christ, and are called among
                                                        "My Sons", take heart and authority in your Priesthood)

all those within My Son prepare
     yourselves within the press,
says Yahweh. For I am with you,
     saith, Yahweh of Hosts.
(Prepare yourselves within the "press" and take part
                                                    in the pressures and afflictions of My Son's cup of
                                                    sufferings and the fellowship of the Bread of His BODY)

According to the "Living Word"
     I covenant with you
when you came out of bondage to
     sin, My Spirit did dwell
(All those who dwell in the "Living Word", God the Father
                                                    has made a covenant with you that will stand forever. His
                                                    Spirit has dwelt within us since we came out of bondage
                                                    to sin by the New Birth)

within you; so then, do not fear.
     thus says Yahweh of Hosts:
Yet once more, in a little while,
     I'll shake heaven and earth,
(So, don't be afraid of anything. No matter how
                                                             difficult it becomes, His Spirit within you is perfect
                                                             and is perfecting you. Because, in just a little while,
                                                             maybe only a few hours or days, God the Father is
                                                             going to SHAKE the Heavens and the earth, again!
                                                             And with this shaking comes the HARPAZO!)


also the sea and the dry land.
     I will shake all nations;
the beauty of all the world that
     shall come. And I will fill
(Everything will be shaken in a great earthquake, and
                                                       then, the desired beautiful and looked-for thing will
                                                       come and fill His house(the BODY od Believers) with
                                                       great glory and redemption)

this house with glory, says Yahweh
     of hosts, the refiner.
The silver's Mine, and the gold does
     also belong to Me!
(God is the redeemer and the refiner, and all that He is refining
                                            belongs to Him. Silver and Gold are a symbol of the two types
                                            of believers in Christ, both needing refining, SILVER are the
                                            less faithful of the Body of Christ, that require more fire of
                                            refining in tribulation to bring them to perfection, and the
                                            GOLD are those that in covenant with Christ have "chosen"
                                            refinement willingly, and suffered with rejoicing hearts unto
                                            perfection in Christ and their oath of GOLD by FAITH)

The children whome I have refined
     and tried in the furnace,
of Babylon. The glory of
     this latter house shall be
(This trial of Babylonian confusion is like a crucible
                                                        and a place and time for refining FAITH in Christ, and
                                                        the glory of this final faithful house will be greater
                                                        than that which came before...because of FAITH, and
                                                        the FAITH neede to make it through this final time.)

greater than that of the former,
     says, Yahweh God of Hosts.
the twenty-fourth day of the ninth
     month, in the second year
(This house of God in us will be greater because of
                                                           GREATER FAITH necessary to walk in this unbelieving
                                                           last-days world.....and now comes the APPOINTED DAY,
                                                           the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month...the next
                                                           being the first day of the feast of dedication, or the
                                                           feast of lights....Hanukkah! Kislev 25th.)


of Darius, the Word of God
     to Haggai the prophet,
saying, Thus says Yahweh of Hosts:
    Now ask the priests the Law, 
(The King is mentioned again, and Haggai the
                                                               prophet, which is the "prophecy of the appointed
                                                               day", saying to the Priests, "ask them about the

If one does carry sanctified
     food unto the alter,
touches his clothing to the bread,
     or any food , or wine,
(Does simple contact with something HOLY make the object
                                                 it touches Holy?....and they said, NO! It does not make it
                                                 Holy just because it is near or even touches it)

does it become then holy, and,
     the priests answered, said, No.
Haggai then asked, if a person
     touching of unclean, death,
(If a person defiled by "Spiritual" death comes into
                                                            contact with something sanctified, what happens to
                                                            sanctified object? It becomes dead and unclean.)

then touches that same food as when,
     the priests said, its unclean!
Haggai answered said, So is this
     people and this nations
(SO, because of this testimony and this Law, anything
                                                      this "dead" people attempts to do to make or rebuild
                                                      with their "hands of death" will be unclean and
                                                      unworthy of sanctification...the works of their hands and 
                                                      the offerings of their alters are dead and worthless to


before Me, declares Yahweh God.
     And everything they do;
so is every work of their hands;
     all that which they offer
(everything they do is unclean and they may not try
                                                      to rebuild my Sanctuary without my permission, in
                                                      Christ,, and all their offerings and tithes are as
                                                      worthless fodder)

it is unclean. Now set your heart
     on it, from this day on:
and from now on, before placing
     a stone upon a stone
(YET, from this day forward, the 24th day of the ninth month
                                                they should make no attempt to rebuild or do the works of
                                                their own hands unto sanctification.)

in the Temple of Yahweh God!
     Since those days, when you came
to find twenty measures of wheat,
     but then found only ten.
(FAITH in Christ, and ceasing from the works of your
                                                       own hands, because, up until now, when you came to
                                                       harvest, there was only about half as many as there
                                                       should have been)

When you came to get fifty from
     the wine vat, but then found
there was but twenty from the press.
     the measure always short.
(And coming out of the "press of tribulation", and
                                                            sought freedom in the "appointed Jubilee", there was
                                                            none that was mature and the measure was always


I struck you with the blight, and with
     mildew, and with hail, in
all the labors of your hands; yet
     you did not turn to Me,
(And in spite of all of these trials, we did not return to
                                                     God in repentance)

saith Yahweh. Now set your heart
     from this day and forward,
twenty-fourth day of the ninth month,
      and from the day that the
(But now, think about this....from this day forward...
                                                           the 24th day of the ninth month, From this day is the
                                                           founding set and established, and the Temple of the
                                                           Living God of Heaven is made sure and opened-up...
                                                           from this day, the appointed day, the 24th day of the
                                                           ninth month of Kislev....)

foundation of Yahweh's temple
     was laid. Think in your heart.
Consider within your heart, Is
     the seed still in the barn?
(And from this day forward is the foundation finished
                                                         set and established forever. Think about that within
                                                         your hearts, for that is the very place of this foundation
                                                         WITHIN YOUR HEARTS IS THE SANCTUARY OF GOD!!!
                                                          ....Now, is it still SEED stored within the barn? No. It is
                                                          it is a fully formed and mature crop that has been

As yet the vine, and the fig tree,
     and the pomegranate,
the olive tree has not brought forth.
     From this day I'll bless them.
(Even though the vine, the fig and the pomegranate,
                                                                ..."the Church, Israel and the Gentile nations of the
                                                               unbelievers" has produced no fruit, from this day
                                                               forward, the 24th day of the ninth month, God is
                                                               going to "Bless them" nonetheless, without merit)


Again the Word of Yahweh came
     to Haggai, and in the
twenty-fourth day of the month, said,
     Speak to Zerubbabel
(Once again on this same day, the 24th day of the ninth
                                                month, tell everyone that comes out of religious

to those that escape confusion,
     those that give praise to ME!
And those in WORSHIP to Yahweh,
     and speaking to them, said,
(...and everyone that gives Yahweh PRAISE, and speak
                                                             this prophecy to them....)

I will shake the heavens and the
     earth. And I'll overthrow
the throne of the kingdoms, I will
     destroy the strength of the
(I AM is going to shake the heavens and the earth
                                                            and shake the foundations of the "powers of the
                                                            air", and will overthrow their dominion over the
                                                            earth in this shaking, this earthquake/rapture that
                                                            will replace and exchange these principalities with
                                                            My Saints in Christ)

kingdoms of all the world. I will
     overthrow all their seat
in which they ride, and their riders
     their horses with riders
(All those that now "ride" upon the heights will be thrown
                                                     down with their vehicles and powers)


will be cast down, each one by the
     sword of his own brother.
In that day, says Yahweh of Hosts,
     I will take you, who come
(They will be cast down to the earth, and each one will
                                                        be against his own brother....AND, I YAHWEH, will TAKE
                                                        those that have come out of false religion UP, in the
                                                        HARPAZO, to be among my servants and Sons)

out of Babylon, My servant,
     My Sons who asks of me.
Says Yahweh, I'll make you a SIGN;
     for I have chosen thee!
(And, I will make YOU the SIGN for and of deliverance
                                                    because I have chosen you!)

                                                                                            Chris K.