Chelsea Brown (30 Nov 2014)

Of the many astonishing Scriptural revelations over the last few decades, nothing can exceed Ian Mallet's discovery in 1998 that the Gospel message was proclaimed in writing like a billboard sign over the High Priest's heart. Moses there inscribed, on the Ephod-Breastplate,  the names of the 12 sons of Jacob in order of their birth in Hebrew (The 12 sons had all been dead some 400 years). John Tng wrote an amazing review of this matter in 2005, some 3,500 years after Moses penned the Hebrew words of Exodus 28. See the Tng article on linked here : 
 As John Tng pointed out in his article, if you change the order of the names , or the spelling of any name, or make any such change, the Gospel message of the Hebrew names on the ephod disappears.

 So the secret had remained hidden nearly 3,500 years. Jesus Christ, His Name, His Mission, written on the Exodus Breastplate in both Hebrew AND Greek.

Now these 12 sons (really there are more than 12, as noted below ) are listed again in another listing in a different language , the Greek language, found in Revelation chapter 7. However, although the 12 names are the same in number, the names are slightly different from the Exodus Ephod listing, as Dan and Ephriam are left out, with Levi and Joseph being substituted in their place. Also, the order of the listing of the 12 names is completely different in Revelation. Exodus, in Hebrew, is by birth order. Revelation, the Greek language version, is not by birth order, the reason for the different order being so far unknown.. Below is the listing in Greek from Revelation 7, the 12 sons of Jacob, with Greek gematria....

                                                           Greek -Rev 7, the order as listed:

                                                            Judah         485
                                                            Reuben       630
                                                            Gad               8
                                                            Asher         309
                                                            Nepthalim   650
                                                            Manasses   700
                                                            Simeon     1495
                                                            Levi            445
                                                            Issachar    1112
                                                            Zebulon     1360
                                                            Joseph      1518
                                                            Benjamin     168

                                                     Total                 8880

Now, zero is not a number in any language nor is it a number  in math, more like a placeholder, and "Jesus" in Greek is 888.  Revelation 7 also states that there are 12,000 from each TRIBE SEALED.

Rev 21:14 states that the Foundation Walls of New Jerusalem contain the names of the 12 Apostles. Listed below  are the 12 Apostles, exactly as listed in Thayer's Greek Lexicon, with their Greek numeric Value.*

                                                            Peter                             755
                                                            Andrew                          361
                                                            James                          1103
                                                             John                            1119
                                                             Philip                            980
                                                             Nathenael                      150
                                                              Levi                              445
                                                              Thomas                      1050
                                                              James son of Alpheus  2115
                                                              Lebbaeus Thaddeus      320
                                                              Simeon the Canaanite  1573
                                                               Judas                          685
                                                               TOTAL                      10656
 Now 10656 divided by 12 = 888. Jesus in Greek is 888. And here is the most AMAZING CONNECTION. Multiply the 12 TRIBES (GREEK listing) in Revelation total value 8880 X 12,000 per tribe (Rev 7) = 106,560,000 ! ! !

Drop all the zeros. This is the 12 APOSTLES number in Greek . 10656 ! ! ! ! Both the 12 Gates (Hebrew TRIBES) and the Foundation Walls with 12 Apostles as foundation ---- Both proclaim the name JESUS ! !

* From the late Bonnie Gaunt