Charles (30 Nov 2014)
"Another watchman warning"

The rapture is at the sixth seal and the it will all pan out don't have to watch crowd don't see the judgement coming and scoff at anyone warning.

As for baptism I was baptized as an infant and tell you the Holy Spirit came upon me when I repented and was baptized as an adult. I was led to repent and acted upon it by baptism and the it will pan out attitude is an excuse to not watch and retain knowledge that their commanded to watch wait and pray and warn of what is to come and the choice to come out of this world spiritually now.

I horribly went to a movie tonight. The plot evil character hates good ones and turns then into monsters so they are hated to and the good character turning them back and capturing the evil one.

The movies counterfeit of the gospel that distracts everyone from the real thing I am at a loss to wake people up to the truth. If you are convicted that Jesus is Lord you must die to living for the world and act on your faith baptism  is the starting point of the lifelong race Jesus won for us to follow His lead not mans distractions.