Charles (30 Nov 2014)
"More evidence of sixth seal rapture"

More and more we could not see before the Shmittah and blood moon tetrad is being revealed. T'S being crossed and I's dotted.

Plus personally two children's shows where on tonight. In one the theme song said like when the world turns upside down turn the camera around. Really I said did you here that! The character in the show was walking around with a life raft saying flooding was coming and the world was ending and another joked it's not ending today. The reply of course it's not today's not Thursday!

People are being warned about things to come in ways that make them not believe their coming!

Jesus told us the signs 2,000 years ago. The bible says those awake and watching would not be caught unaware! I in faith believe that the books have been unsealed so we can by the signs see and know the season. The fact that harvesting is prohibited durning a Shmittah year this ending on Rosh 2015 to me means the rapture can occur from September 13th 2015 on through the 28th of 2015 the last blood moon after the eclipse on the 13th. I am following the signs they keep pointing here. Jesus also said to watch and be ready. Everyone thinks if we are still here after Rosh 2015 another Rosh to go only He tarries. I believe He will wait till the last second giving everyone possible time to repent.

He's not coming as soon as most think or as late as many believe. He's coming at the last trump when they say peace and safety look up.