Charles (30 Nov 2014)
"I Have A Message"


I have a message you have to hear. Time is short how many times have you heard this? Man is like a goldfish today we have been trained to have 30 second commercial attention spans. Many shall travel too and fro and knowledge shall increase greatly then the end shall come. Look around you people rushing to get here there always face planted in their phones and tablets. Twenty one years ago windows came out. Eight years ago did anyone know what a tablet was or a smartphone?

With so much rushing so much to grab our attentions. Books and three channels of tv seem tame. Our reality is fed to us like junk food. But the fact is time is short. The eighth tetrad and last for several hundred years falling on Jewish feast days! The Shmittah cycle and a jubilee year all ending on Rosh 2015. Ten more days of repentance then The Day Of Atonement! Jesus said there would be signs in the sun moon and stars on the Earth roaring of seas did you see the storms this year. Seven feet of snow in NY! Then 60 degrees melting flooding then more snow. Really oh Mother Nature! They say that because they cannot say God dumped the snow better start paying attention just random.

God said His storehouse produces the winds and storms and He speaks through the whirlwind. The problem is all the signs are in front of a population that instead of looking up is connected at the hip to devices that did not exist ten years ago. In fact to be somewhere you cannot be instantly found is instilled to be non PC.

I state the obvious. Why most don't care is that they have tickled ears soothed to sleep it's ok. No it's not. Wake up the trumpet section in Heaven is warming up. You just can't hear with the pirate symbol headphones blasting pop music while watching blank. The problem is that if your reading this you probably already are watching waiting praying warning the rapture is coming and are also preaching to the choir here.

The hope is that God leads someone here that is just waking up. Set your mind upon Jesus seek His word and do what He did not just spread hope of eternal life but warn of not acting in Faith to obey the only way to it Jesus.

The false gospel says live for here the true says live for Heaven while here.

They will say here is Jesus or go there do not follow them. For as the sky is from East To The West so shall the coming of the Son be.

I advise all to go read Malachi. Get a KJV and the Sun of righteousness shall appear with healing in His wings. But the wicked will be ashes beneath your feet in the Day I do this. A promise and a warning. Time is short look up focus on God and His Son this world is rushing to and fro they won't look up. Don't follow them. Only Jesus saves. Look up redemption draws near.

Jesus is coming back for an engaged committed faithful bride not a lukewarm call me maybe date. He's coming sooner then most think and later then most believe. He's coming at the split second before Gods wrath pours out before the angels let go of the winds to ravage the Earth and there will be no time to decide to go. The train is coming time to start packing and run to the station.