Charles (23 Nov 2014)
"False rapture first?"


In Mathew chapter 24 Jesus says they will say Christ is here no he is there do not go after them. It also says that a strong delusion will be sent upon them that have pleasure in the lie of this world that of possible would deceive even the elect?

This happens before the sun goes dark and the sixth seal where I believe Michael stands up and Gods wrath pours out at Gog Magog. Note fire rains down on Gog and those carelessly dwelling in the isles! That's us!

So as the seals get opened the sorrows get worse the world will prepare to hide but the it will all pan out traditional pre anything crowd of which I was one until a lot of signs passed and ally of signs show the seals already in play and we are here led me to compare all the verses on Gog, the sixth seal, the mathew 24 account and old tests net and they all matched up with the sudden destruction of Thessalonians hence when Jesus gathers the elect when the 144,000 have been sealed when the angels are holding back the winds.

A lot occurs before this and from the tetrads we have the sun go dark and the moon not give its light both after April and at Rosh 2015 and then Yom Kipper!

Get this the pontiff is coming here on September 28 for the last blood moon!

Will the great delusion be an early out rapture staged event. this spring?

Will the fact that the harvest cannot occur during a Shmittah year be a fact the elect needs to know?

I am tired of warning and fighting to get people my family friends myself to see what's coming yet once you see the light you seek to follow its path.

Please watch wait pray study in spirit the rapture is a harvest it therefore can be concluded it the harvest would be according to Gods laws we have till Rosh next year before the real rapture can occur!

Many may be looking for a spring early rain harvest after the March and April signs in the sky. I was initially also now I ask you all go review the prohibitions of the Shmittah year. It may be because of progressive revelation of knowledge on a need to know basis the watching elect come to the truth and are not deceived. We are here for the first five seals and most rapture believing don't know this and have not compared the verses in an older version for themselves nor even know what the Shmittah or blood moon tetrad is about.

Also FYI Jesus had short curly hair the bible says long hair on a man was shameful the traditional image is wrong and setting up for another Jesus look at Arkaines paintings!