Charles (23 Nov 2014)
"Jesus is coming the day of The Lord is near prepare"


I keep hearing Jesus is coming the Day of The Lord is near prepare. Nitty and warn my family turn off the tv put down the game pick up the bible seek The truth.

The problem is the world even most professing Christians don't know the verses on the coming Day of The Lord they don't regularly read the bible or read revelations and watch the EQs the weather is strange but hey it all goes on,

They are soothed to sleep reassured Jesus loves them as they are and go into the world and assimilate and the world tolerates them. The convicted knowing the terror of The Lord try and warn watch purge their flesh and spirit and are separate and told to be quiet not to bring their doom and gloom they are expected to be quiet and talk fantasy football watch reality tv try to work harder make more bucks they can pray but don't talk judgment.

Jesus is coming to lift His bride from the four corners later then most think its going to be right at the hour of destruction right before the angels holding back the winds until then wham. Those not watching lukewarm foot ion world toe in Christ are going to face the tribulation.

The time to prepare spiritually is now the time to be led to physically prepare to stand until the coming for His bride is now. But most people go along ready for Black Friday and thanksgiving not a thought about coming judgement.

I am a weak and unworthy watchman in my flesh I admit so I just see the veil is lifting and cannot deny the truth. Knowing the fear of The Lord I seek to warn men. See to truly repent and be converted you must realize you need to repent that judgement is coming not pie in the sky and that the last second rescue of the watching waiting bride is the only hope and that the world scoffs at you because they don't want what you say to be true.

Jesus us coming soon to judge and rescue. Where do you want to be?