Charles (23 Nov 2014)
"Dream of Last Three Shmittah periods last night"


I dreamt of the event of 9 2001. In my minds eye I saw that it was for the church supposed to be a wake up call. I remember for a few weeks everyone was kind of spiritual then everyone went back to "life" church became donuts and holidays and football again as everyone strived to get back to normal. Then I remember in 2008 crying feeling like it was all over it was when I really began to wake up that the hanging chad was more drama. Chocolate and vanilla both made me lactose intolerant. Then the whole 777 point drop of the next Shmittah cycle wow I just got it three sevens! The second warning. But hey the market is up and it's also Black Friday coming all is good. Try and tell someone maybe they should be frugal this year or buy warm shoes or clothes not junk. Mmmmm feels like 2007 or 2000!

Forget about talking to fellow Christians about the rapture what you read at an online site the blood moons the tetrad or a dream you had. It's all fantasy football and reality tv and shopping. I tremble for the simple days of waking up eating and believing the it will all pan out theory. The fact is we are to watch to wait to pray and warn. If possible!

Jesus died for our inequities. But we are then believing this and that God raised Him die to our inequities through the walking in His spirit. The worldly Jesus says live abundantly and purpose driven here. Yeshua Jesus Christ says through Him die to here and live by His every word. There's the disconnect in modern church and society as a whole. The gospel was parceled in two. The newer versions leave out commanding them to do all I have taught you.

We have a modern corporate church culture with the appearance of Godliness not acting with the power of the spirit of such but according through the works of hands. That why all the efforts of those are not stemming the leaks in the dam.

Jesus is in the clouds and no buildings will hold God He is a spirit and we are to be His abode through the spirit and word of Jesus Yeshua the Christ.

We were warned twice. We have been in the sorrows for a generation that ends September 13, 2015! And no one except convicted of God abiding in the true word not a version watered down or soothing tickling words sees the light at the end of the tunnel is a train and no one is seeking to be lifted out of the darkness.