Bro. Jones (30 Nov 2014)
"white lights seen in darkfield microscope"


A few years ago my wife and I went over to a naturopathic doctor in Louisville, Kentucky , who had a darkfield microscope that you could look at live blood with.
She said what do you think those white lights are in your blood , Maggie?  She said , I have NEVER seen so many white lights in anyone else's blood in my life !
She said when she was going through her training , her  teacher asked her what she thought the white lights were.
He told her they had tried to kill or make the lights go out somehow but were unable to !  But when the person died , they went out automatically !
She said , " THEY MUST BE LIFE  !!!!! "
This is mainly for the man that is second down on the lists posted by Bro. John Tng
Also for the mathman and Bob, the retired preacher.
Lord Bless You All
Bro. Jones
Jonathan Cahns 7dvds on the Mystery of the Shemittahs are AWESOME  !!!!!