Bob Ware (30 Nov 2014)
"Reuben, Obama and 1.25.2015"

The diameter of the circle in the attached diagram is 259 which is the
gematria of the First tribe name on the Breastpiece ('Reuben').
The area of the circle equals the number of hours in 2196 days.
On 1.25.2015 Obama will complete 2196 days in office.
2196 equals: 6 x 366 or 2 x 1098. 
The gematrias of the last three words of Genesis 1:1 total 1098 (395
'heaven' + 407 'and' + 296 'earth').
The four assassinated U.S. Presidents each served an average of 1098
The perimeter of the square around the circle is 1036. JFK served 1036
days before he was assassinated.

A diameter lines divides the circle into two 180 arcs of 407.
407 + the diameter line of 259 equals: 666.

The perimeter of the octagon within the circle is 793.
793 is the 12th Star of David number and the 654th composite number. 12 +
654 = 666.
793 is the English gematria of 'BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA'.

A leap year has 366 days.
The diagonal of the square (366) minus the diameter of the circle (259) =
107 (the rapture number).

713 is the sum of the First 22 prime numbers and it is the prime number
gematria of 'JESUS CHRIST'.
713 is the perimeter of the Golden Rectangle within the circle.

By connecting the six points of a Star of David pattern you create a
The perimeter of a hexagram within the circle is 777.

The sum of 7 Breastpiece stones equals the Greek gematria of 'JESUS
CHRIST' (2368).
The gematria of the remaining 5 stones total 1332 (2 x 666).
The circle circumference (814) + two diameter lines (2 x 259) total 1332.
814 + six diameter lines (6 x 259) total 2368.
Each set of six odd and even numbered Breastpiece stones total 1850.
814 circumference + the perimeter of the square (four diameter lines of
259) total 1850.
An arc of 1850 degrees equals: 4181 (the 18th Fibonacci number).
4181 equals: the Greek (3168) + prime number (1013) gematrias of 'LORD
When 1850 and 4181 are the sides of a rectangle the diagonal equals: 4 x
1143 is the sum of the ASCII codes for 'Jesus Christ'.
An arc of 1143 degrees equals: 2584 (the 17th Fibonacci number).
There are 2584 prime numbered verses in the 23,145 verses of the Old

One 90 arc of the circle plus the arc opposite the long side of the
Golden Rectangle total 467.
Lincoln served 467 more days than JFK.

One 120 arc + one 90 arc + the 180 arc opposite the short and long
sides of the Golden Rectangle = 881.
881 is the 43rd number of the 'Prime Cube' and the 153rd prime number.
Obama is the 43rd different President of the United States.