Bob Anderson (30 Nov 2014)
"to PastorBob re: James Brownlow (16 Nov 2014)  "The Heptadic Design of Scripture - some details""

I believe you used the same excerpt that James does here. In it there is this statement: "

In fact, not a page of the over 500 in Westcott and Hort's Greek edition (which the writer has used throughout) but it can be demonstrated thus to have been written last." The "writer" is Panin.

In your God's Heptadic Structure -3 you state: "

In addition to the work of Ivan Panin, and others, the "Heptadic" Feature or "Heptadic" Structural Design is God's way of authenticating the Textus Receptus/Masoretic Text (the basis for the KJV Bible) as being genuine.  This was stated back in the early 1990's by Grant Jeffrey, author of many books on the Bible, Bible prophecy, and Biblical Studies."

Hopefully this is naught but an apparent discrepancy. I'm badly confused, and I'd really appreciate amplification on the issue. If you don't wish to reply via 5doves, my email is:

I'm going to miss your weekly essays on 5DOVES and retain the hope you will change your mind.


Bob Anderson