Barry Amundsen (30 Nov 2014)
"My sheep hearmy voice I know them and they follow me"


Pastor Mike Hoggard in the above video seeks to show that a Christian claiming to have learned to hear God's voice delivering a personal message is not hearing God at all but is instead under a dangerous deception and he likens it to occult automatic writing. I had actually decided to watch the video to see what Pastor Hoggard had to say about Sid Roth but when I found out that Dr. Mark Virkler was the guest on the Sid Roth program in question and having had previous knowledge of Mark Virkler and his very good teaching on the subject I was even more interested to see what Pastor Hoggard had to say.

I have also learned to hear God's voice and I know that what Mark Virkler teaches is good and biblical. Yet to someone like Pastor Hoggard who does not move in the same spiritual dimension, I can understand how he could think the way he does for there are plenty of suspect or questionable things out there. Anyway, I decided it would be fun to not only ask God what He thinks but to also do as Mark Virkler teaches and begin to write down or "journal" what I receive from God as He speaks it to me. I've been hearing God speak to me for many years but only in the earliest times of learning this did I used write it down (I didn't call it journaling then but it was a way I just did it for my own keeping and later reference.). But I decided it would be fun to write down whatever He said this time and here is what I got:

I know how you have been awaiting the rapture for a long time and I’m very proud of you for this. Do not be discouraged at how long you think it is taking for the time to arrive. You have been doing exactly as I have desired for you and Linda and I trust that you will continue to do so. I also want you to know how special and rare you are for believing the way you do about me and how special is the regular contact that I have with you and my other people like you. As I told you back that day that I made the promise to you if you do this, (a task that he asked of me that required great faith and I finally did do) you will be one of the few true disciples that I have in the earth today. This is still true today and I want you to understand how important you are. I am glad that you saw how Mark Virkler was portrayed by Michael Hoggard and am glad for my people like you who understand the truth in these situations because very few do, compared to the great numbers of my people who think they know the truth but are settling for a severe error when it comes to knowing me. I am not known merely through reading the bible but must be known in Spirit. Satan is very good at allowing people to think they can know me by reading the bible but instead they come away the same way that the Pharisees did in that they cannot even recognize me though I am standing right in front of them. This is life eternal that a man know the one true God and Jesus Christ whom he hath sent. Knowing a book is not knowing ME. I AM Spirit and the true worshipers must worship Me in Spirit and in Truth. I therefore highly favor and value those of my people like you and Linda who are coming to really know me and my ways. All creation groans to this day awaiting as you also are, for the adoption of sons to be revealed. If my first coming was important and it was, how important also is my second coming? It is not without great consideration and much strategy that this coming time is planned and will be carried out. I know how thankful you are for the place that you have been brought to and rightly so. It is fitting to speak of it today, Thanksgiving Day. My knowledge is never a stagnant thing but rather the Word of the Lord is alive always every day and will not return to me void but will accomplish the thing whereunto I send it. Man lives by every word that proceeds out of my mouth. The same word gives life to some and death to others. I give every man the choice as I set before you this day life or death, blessing or cursing and urge you to choose life. It is so easy to choose life if you want to but many will choose death and many do not realize that they are doing this. Like Peter my apostle who would not allow me to wash his feet when I wanted to. He thought he was being an example of something admirable by this but he was in fact placing his own will above mine and by doing this, cutting off my ability to be his Lord. That is why I had to tell him if I do not wash your feet you have no part with me. Then he continues to place himself above me by saying, in that case wash me all over. He misses the point that it matters not whether I actually wash him or not in this particular example, but rather what matters is whether or not I have the right to decide what I want to do with him. As long as Peter is calling the shots, I am not his Lord and I cannot save him. Satan has been using this same tactic on many of my people in numerous subtle ways today. Though they may mean well, they are not submitting to my will for them but are trying to bring me under their will. Pastor Michael Hoggard is just like Peter was that day. He and many like him have believed that, like Peter, they can figure out for themselves what is right and wrong and good and bad and they then even try to tell me what is proper or out of order. In doing this they are not open to hear what I have to say but override my attempt to correct them. This leaves them open to the wiles of the enemy and there is little that can be done for them at that point but to wait for their own way to fail them. For him with ears to hear means that each person needs to know how to hear my voice for himself. My sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow me. I give to them eternal life and they shall never perish and no one can snatch them out of my hand. If they are not hearing my voice they will be claimed by whoever’s voice they are instead listening to and that is a grave error for those who believe that they are my sheep but are not hearing my voice and following me. Many of my people have claimed this verse for themselves and yet do not hear my voice and therefore do not follow me. Yet you notice that I still call them my people. Yes, just as I still called Peter my disciple even as I warned him of the danger of him having no part with me if he continues in his way of rebellion for that is what it is. I warned Peter that Satan has desired to have him, to sift him as wheat. Peter knew well how Satan as a roaring lion seeks whom he may devour, by first hand experience. Peter was able to humble himself and allow me to be his Lord. I look forward to when my people will do the same and learn to allow me to be Lord over them also, so that I can save them too. Some respond to my compassion for them, others will be saved through fear when it is thrust upon them in the tribulation period. It is as it must be and I wish for you to know of a surety that your heart and all those like you are known of by me and highly regarded and you all will be rejoicing for your diligence when the time does finally come. Continue holding fast what you have that no man takes your crown.