Anthony Mak (23 Nov 2014)
"A very near and possible FINAL scenario.."

This will be presented in point form and the reader will have to draw their own conclusions concerning the actual possible timings of the events, including the pre-tribulation Rapture event, which should fall within these main timelines...Another word of sincere caution, even having "accurate" knowledge of what is about to come in these next 1 year or so will still NOT mean "automatic" entry or "qualification" in the coming Rapture event if an individual is found "unworthy" in his or her heart by the Lord at the passing of the "verdict" judgment on "Rapture/ Transformation Day" itself. ( that includes me...Satan also have great knowledge of what's going on in the Bible but see where he's going, its not doing him any good, for WITHOUT HOLINESS, NO ONE CAN SEE THE LORD....)

1) Just like God "gave" back Jerusalem to the Jews in a JUBILEE YEAR in 1967, He will likewise, "give" back the 3rd TEMPLE to them also in a Jubilee Year and this time, it happens to be scheduled from 13/14th September 2015 through 2nd October 2016!

2) The Jewish nation will very likely be rushing to physically complete their 3rd Temple by Passover or Pentecost of 2016 in timing with one of the Holy Feast Days of the Lord INSIDE the Jubilee Year, depending on when they are able to actually start building it. ( curiously, I've checked and confirmed that Passover of 2016 begins around 22nd April of 2016 and Pentecost is on 15th May 2016, making it a difference of only 22 to 23 days between each other, not the normal +/- 50 days??!!  I wonder why is it so for that particular year? )

3) Something economically, militarily or naturally cataclysmic ( or all 3 together ) will happen to  America to cause the immediate Arab / Muslims states surrounding Israel to find "opportunity" to strike at Israel, triggering the Psalm 83 war which will last a short time only as nuclear bombs may be used and Israel will emerge victorious..( in this war, there may appear that Israel will still have a friend in Saudi Arabia or Egypt somehow...)

4) As the immediate aftermath of the Psalm 83 war, the 7 years covenant with many will be signed which will allow Israel to begin building its 3rd Temple and Israel will be overjoyed and will time it to be completed within the Jubilee Year!

5) This will trigger the "hook in the jaw" to the Russians and the Iranians and those Muslim nations ( Shiite Muslims. mainly ) allied with her. For the Russians, the promise of Israel's wealth and for the rest of the Muslim nations ( except Saudi Arabia perhaps, as they are an enemy of Iran ) to STOP ISRAEL FROM HAVING THEIR 3rd TEMPLE AT ALL COST!!

6) The attack from Russia and its Muslims allies, which is the Ezekiel 38 / 39 war, will come BEFORE the Jews can complete their 3rd Temple by Passover or Pentecost of the Jubilee Year i.e. April / May 2016! ( after the signing of the 7 years covenant )

7) God will intervene in this war , which will also take a very short time, and the Russian and Muslim armies under Iran will be almost completely wiped out but this time, Antichrist will take the credit for it! ( and Saudi Arabia and its Muslim allies will also be overjoyed as their arch enemy, the Shiite Muslims are no more! )

8) Israel will be thinking that they have their complete Jubilee victory in their "Jubilee Year" but unbeknown to them, in God's eye and timing, they have only entered into God's one and only "8th" Shemitah of 7 years, already prophesied by his servant, Isaac Newton ( unbeknown to even Isaac at that time as well ) that has been "reserved" throughout the ages by God's masterful and divine hand to allow a one and only "8th" Shemitah before a Jubilee Year to bring about complete closure to Daniel 9:27!!

In Conclusion,

9) Since the Rapture and its events will be PRE-TRIBULATION, the Rapture / Transformation should take place just before, or during the American "downfall" in 3) OR simultaneously at the start of the Psalm 83 war, as in a "sudden" destruction either in the USA or the Psalm 83 war...its anyone's guess....God Bless!

Extra note: It is estimated that the physical construction of the 3rd Temple can take anytime between 6 months to a year to complete.