Anthony Mak (2 Nov 2014)

God's Hidden But Now Revealed 121st Jubilee Year
 In short, the above means that God is soon going to apply His Own Jubilee Year ruling written in the Book of Leviticus ( Leviticus Chapter 25 : 8-13 ) to legally claim back His true ownership as the original true owner of the land known as the "earth" once the earth reaches its 121st Jubilee Year! For now, its still within the 120 Jubilee years leased to Mankind but by Yom Kippur of 2015, it would have very likely reached its 121st Jubilee Year!!!
Man was only given 120 Jubilee Years to have dominion on the earth ( Genesis 6 : 3 ) and true to God's own words, He will take it back as the original owner once the timeline for Man expires. If that timeline can be known then the entire picture can be seen from start to finish!
Jonathan Cahn has already identified in His book, the mystery of the Shemitahs, ( sabbatical years, Leviticus 25 ) that 1966 / 67 was a Shemitah Year leading to a Jubilee Year and 49 years later from there should be another Jubilee Year. The vital question is which Jubilee Year will it be?  Using God's perfect calendar of 30 days per month, the exact Jubilee Year that's coming can be worked out to a very high degree of accuracy. God’s perfect calendar can be evidenced by the mentioning of exactly 30 days per month for 5 months during Noah’s flood ( Genesis 8:3&4 ) and again right at the end in the book of Revelation about the 42 months @ 1260 days exactly which is still at 30 days per month! ( Revelation 11 : 2&3 ). The Millenniums 1,000 years rule of Jesus will probably be God’ s calendar of 30 days per month as well!
The 120 Jubilee Years can be equally divided to three 40 Jubilee spans making them 2000 years each from Adam to Abraham to Jesus's birth and finally the final Jubilee should begin Jesus's rule of 1000 literal years on the earth. However, true to God's own words Jesus cannot begin His rule until the entire 120 Jubilee Years given to Man had fully expired. So, if the time of Jesus's birth which should be around the 80th Jubilee Year, can be worked out, then its very possible that the coming Jubilee Year after the 1966 / 67 Shemitah year can be accurately identified.
If Jesus was born around the 80th Jubilee Year, then 40 Jubilee Years later which is 720000 days from the date of His birth, we will arrive at around 1969 and if that was the 120th Jubilee Year, then another 49 years from there should bring the world to its 121st Jubilee year and then Jesus can legally take back the earth on the Father's behalf where the Father will again lease it to the 2nd Adam ( Jesus ) to have dominion over the earth for another 1000 years!
Thanks to Jonathan Cahn's work about the Shemitah years, we now have an even more accurate picture about when the 120th Jubilee was reached and it was actually in the year 1967! ( I was only off by about two years and that's not bad! ) And coupled with the already confirmed time that we are now at which is known as the “7th Shemitah year” that began in real time, this year on the 25th of September 2014, it means that this next coming Jubilee year on September of 2015 should be THE 121st Jubilee and Jesus will have the legal right to take over!!!
Those of us who are alive at this time and had become Christians since the 60s onwards are actually having the privilege to be that true "last generation" that the Bible talks about and sure enough many things had happened and is still happening inside this final 49 years since 1967!!!
Think about it...its time already for Jesus to return!! Even God Almighty can run out of time because of His own words spoken and given to Noah and one of the most overlooked revelation from that verse that God spoke to Noah about the 120 years is that He is actually going to be counting His Major Prophetic Seasons based ONLY on the Jubilee Years, i.e. from Jubilee to Jubilee, which is all important to know because this will give enough evidence and prove that THIS coming Jubilee should be the final one to end all things since Adam...think about it...if not, ITS THE NEXT JUBILEE!!! which is ANOTHER 49 years away counting from 2016! ( the year 2064 / 65!!! The world can't even last that long!!!!!! )
( Genesis 6:3 and its interpretation...." And the Lord said "My Spirit shall not strive with Man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years."................................" And God said to Noah that HE is not going to allow Man as in, the whole human race or Mankind to continue to strive with HIM in their rebellious state forever for Mankind has indeed fallen and possess such a nature in their natural flesh and therefore, He has already set a timeline for them and it shall be one hundred and twenty years ( of Jubilees )".
Why the above interpretation is exactly what He said and meant is because if He had intended it to be only about the flood judgment then it had to be accurate as well BUT the fact is, the floods came only almost exactly 100 years after He told Noah about it when Noah was 500 years old and the Flood came when Noah was 600 years old...God cannot be off by 20 years! And secondly, it was also not meant to be a "life line boundary" to limit Man's age to not more than 120 years as Noah himself ( 950 years old when he died! ) and many others after him lived for more than many hundreds of years after the flood so its not that either, so, what or who is meant for? More likely for Man's big picture of the dominion of earth and a hidden in plain sight message for the last generation when its also unsealed! ( which is now! ). I might quickly add here that one of the most vitally hidden meaning of this verse is that God is telling Noah that “ I’m only allowing 120 years and not a day more, so, Man will not see their rule and dominion of the earth enter into the “121st” year  ( only 120! ) and He has “coded” or sealed it for a purpose ( until now! )
Another hidden mystery that’s relevant to these last days revelations without which the entire Bible eschatology cannot  have its proper flow which is also hidden in plain sight in the Bible is Daniel’s 70th week in Daniel 9. ( Daniel 9: 27 )
How does it fit into all these? With the above made known it is now possible to know the brilliance of a wise, most loving, merciful and Holy God’s heart on the matter in this late late hour!
Daniel’s prophesied final week of years is already known to be a specially postponed 7  years @ exactly 360 days per year time period and countless attempts by His people to try to figure out exactly when is it have still not been 100% accurate even though some versions might be very close but when the above is applied, everything seems to fall in place very nicely as well PLUS an awesome breathtaking insight into God the Father’s heart and mind about it which is the most matchless thing about this revelation....
Since 1967, in all its legal sense ( don’t forget that Satan watches over the Word of God to try to find faults with it all the time so that he can finally accuse God of something to nullify them  ), God has fulfilled His Word to Noah and the world had indeed reached its set “120 years” BUT, hidden by the masterful brilliance of God, is an “extra” 49 more years to FULLY expire it which is the reason why God had coded it in the verse to Noah to validate this particular prophecy in terms of Jubilee Years counting ONLY!
This immediately puts the validity of the “120 years” to actually be able to last UNTIL JUST BEFORE THE “121st” Jubilee and this entire final 49 years time period was in God the Father's hands to do as He wills and He can either end it there and then upon arriving at it OR He  can stretch it to the very last second if need be, AND it looks like God the Father is doing exactly that!! ( Hence we can also know one more reason why Jesus said that only the Father will know the exact day or hour! )
We can now marvel at His marvelous, unfathomable longsuffering towards us by stretching what time He can for the world’s sake but even HE is running out of time because HE cannot violate His own Word and MUST bring the 120 years to an end soon and this paragraph is specially dedicated to His matchless sacrifice to prolong His own “longsuffering” to its possible maximum limit!! Thank You a million times over Father God, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit!!!
He could have easily and legally included into these extra 49 years, Daniel’s one week prophecy by stretching things another 42 years from 1967 and then leaving the balance 7 years to finish up Daniel 9 and if He had done that, the Tribulation Period would have easily started in 2008 in timing with the great economic meltdown of 2008 possibly! But no, HE decides to stretch it to its maximum and will probably let the ENTIRE 49 years expire first and then, legally carve out one last special “7years dispensation” and call it the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophesied final week for the nation of Israel ( that’s also probably why He has kept that one week of years “open” all the way ) and it would still be valid and “legal’ and will not violate His Word BUT, that’s as far as HE, even as Almighty God can drag the matter and maybe not even a day more and will then have to still declare the arrival of THE 121st Jubilee at the finish of the 7years Tribulation dispensation where He hands the world back to the 2nd Adam ( JESUS CHRIST, THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS! )...HALLELUYAH INDEED!!! COME LORD JESUS!!!!
As a further interesting note, the above quite automatically dispels all the theories about a post / mid tribulation Rapture except a PRE-TRIBULATION Rapture to make it make perfect sense as once the DAY OF THE LORD  takes place, ( which is THE 7 Years of Tribulation ), the Church cannot be around as promised AND it is going to be 7 years in length as far as the confirmation of the peace covenant is concerned for the nation of Israel and not a “three and a half” or a “one year wrath” period etc...etc...( He has declared the end from the beginning and has clearly set a 7 days of re-creation from the beginning AND WILL END IT WITH ANOTHER “7 days” of years! )
The above also automatically dispels all “dominionist” theories and replacement theology of any kind as THERE IS A DEFINITE DATELINE TO END THE FINAL AGE and its not going to go on and on and on like some of these theorys will have one believe....The verse that refers to the time of the fullness of the gentiles can actually also mean “the time of the FULL EXPIRY of Man’s dominion of the earth” and it has a DATELINE and its right at the door!!!! YES, HALLELUYAH, COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS!!!!!

Additional Insights; ( just “got” this on 2nd Nov. After finishing the above on 1st Nov. Night! )

Another hidden in plain sight gem is why would God not cause Daniel's 70 weeks to actually have a parallel for the last days so that the world or at least the Christian world would know that He has Israel in mind to be THE Time Clock of His Latter Days and the Christians will have no more doubts or debates about the issue of Israel and move on with more focus on doing HIS last days works at hand and especially to prepare themselves to meet God!
The answer is a BIG YES, HE DOES HAVE A PARALLEL! This morning on 2nd November, a sudden thought came to me to look up the actual stages that led to the beginning of the Latter days Israel and sure enough, the actual official formation of the State of Israel began on 29th November 1947! ( which is no big news really, because most Bible scholars know that ). It is known as an APPROVED UN resolution 181 for the partitioning of Palestine into a Jewish and Arab State dated 29th November 1947. The State of Israel had actually began on that date and May 14 1948 was just the "birthing" of it in ONE DAY as prophesied!
The mind blowing exciting gem from this is when I thought of using God's perfect calendar on it and if a kind of parallel of the 69 weeks of Daniel could show up at least within a +/- 6 months either way, then, we could quite confidently have a 70th week parallel as well that's reflected quite clearly from the main article above ( and confirming / reinforcing it as well! ) AND sure enough, it DOES produce such a result! and not only that, its reflected very nicely in the same year of the Gregorian year!!!  If it had landed on the exact same day of Rosh Hoshana next year...then, it should be boldly shouted out at the UN itself! but, I believe its still valid as there may be yet other hidden messages or yet unrevealed truths within the result as well....Here's the work out....
29th November 1947 + 69 perfect years @ 24840 days = 2nd December 2015! Falling within the same Gregorian Year of 2015 and Jewish year of 5776 where the "scheduled" "121st Jubilee Year" should begin by September 2015 on Rosh Hoshana or Yom Kippur of that year! Just as Ancient Israel had to go through its 69 years until Messiah is cut off, Modern Israel has also got to go through its 69 years and THEN, climaxes TOGETHER AT THE 70th WEEK!!!!! The above work out may be showing a difference of about 2 months plus from each other and not pin-pointed on an EXACT date which would have been the more preferred finding BUT then again, who is to say that maybe there could just be yet another hidden mystery there too like, maybe, the 7 years tribulation may actually have its official beginning on 2nd December 2015 or something??! The main revelation from this is God is definitely saying something here to allow the 69 years of both Ancient and Modern Israel to end in THE SAME GREGORIAN YEAR OF 2015 AND THE SAME JEWISH YEAR OF 5776 IN CLOSE PROXIMITY WITH THE FINAL SUPER BLOOD MOON THAT CAN BE SEEN FROM ISRAEL AT THAT TIME, And THAT'S important....further revelations may just unfold to the body of Christ as time spirals to its ending soon...