Mike Curtiss (9 Nov 2013)
"Do Not Sign Up for Obamacare, It's the Bible's 'Mark of the Beast'"

Dear Friends,

    Linking Obamacare with the 'mark of the beast' seems like a huge leap, but let me
explain how I reached this fascinating conclusion.

1) Unlike any other government program, this president has used this 22,000 page law to 
    undermine and destroy our God given liberties and freedoms. Obama has set himself up
    above the law, the US Constitution and the right's of man.

2) Due to his un-godliness, Obama's policies are the most extreme and antithetical to those 
    traditions of these United States and our Judo-Christian heritage. Obama is not a Christian
    and his 'anti-Christian' policies are designed to destroy Christian Hospitals, Schools and 
    Institutions to neuter the Christian Church. 
    After the conversion of the Roman Empire to Christianity, Justinian tried to return the empire
    to the polytheism of 'the old gods'. When the people refused to return to this pagan worship,
    Justinian asked his advisors why? They explained that it was because of the compassion
    that Christians showed to widows, orphans, the needy. This is why Obama knows he must
    destroy our Christian charities, hospitals, schools and institutions before he can assume 
    complete power over the American people.

3) Obamacare only applies to people who are not connected; union members, political cronies, 
    political elites and people who are not 'commoners' All Moslem's are by law exempt from
    participation in Obamacare.   

4) Obamacare contains virtually every legal constraint 'word for word' which appeared within
    another dictator Adolph Hitler's Enabling Acts. These laws were passed by the German 
    Parliament in a manner similar to our Congressional enactment of Obamacare. As I have 
    posted before, these nearly identical liberty destroying laws were enacted on the same day
    77 years apart.

5) Where does Obama come from? Where did he go to school? What were his grades, where's
    his birth certificate? Why did he lose his law license? Why all the deception and secrecy?
    Many people already suspect Obama is the Biblical Anti-christ. Obviously they reached this
    conclusion after much thought. Obamacare is this President's signature legislation.

6) Finally, on the first week of sign up for the program, Obama was asked how many people had 
    signed up for Obamacare. He responded by flashing six, six and six in the photo below. Please
    give me your prayerful thoughts on the subject and don't sign up for this program until we can
    sort the truth out.

Maranatha Lord Jesus,

                  Michael Curtiss