Hope (4 Nov 2013)
"Billy Graham's Last Sermon"

I will admit to not visiting this website as often as I should.  But today a letter from Sandra Jean popped up right away when I did an internet search on Billy Graham's last sermon.  Kudos to you Ms. Jean for correctly predicting this sermon would indeed take place next week.
Like Sandra, I felt that because Billy Graham said God would allow him to give his last sermon on his birthday...that God would make it so.  Last Fall 2012 I mentioned this possibility on RitaNow but was booed and hissed off the stage.  No one wanted to wait a year for the Rapture.
Despite all the perfect Rapture dates coming and going, and Nibiru and Ison and volcanos and sinkholes and an onslaught of meteors and Obamacare...nothing would stop Billy Graham from completing his purpose in life.  And now with less than one week left before that sermon...it appears that God is going to make it happen.  Grats to you Dr. Graham, I expect shortly after your sermon, life as we know it, will change.
~ Hope