Steve Coerper (30 Nov 2012)
"Daniel Holdings reminder"

Dear John and Doves -

Just a last-minute reminder that Daniel Holdings will be on the Anakypto Forum today at 1:00 PM Eastern time.  For those who may have questions in addition to those I posted yesterday, please email them if you can't call in during the program and I will ask them of Daniel on your behalf.  An email link is on the Homework page: from which you can also access the program, either live or from the program archive.

On a related note:  Tom Horn has done extensive research on prophecies from various sources:  Mayan, Cherokee, Roman Catholic, Freemason and many others.  I went through the catalogue on yesterday's program and there are too many pointers to 2012 to ignore.  If you want a concise audio summary, please check out yesterday's program.

Not much longer, folks.  See you on the mezzanine, and this will be the best "Christmas" ever!


Anakypto Forum