Ron Reese (22 Nov 2012)
"Could the Ceasefire of Nov. 22nd be our 7--Day Warning?"

Does anyone else see this possible scenario as having any merit?
Nov. 21--22 (it was the 22nd in Jerusalem time), the Ceasefire with Israel takes place.  1st Thess. 5:3 says, "and when they say Peace and Safety, THEN Sudden Destruction shall come upon them, and they shall not escape."  Only the Bride of Christ escapes, in the Rapture.
THEN means in a VERY short period of time.  As the whole world takes a collective sigh of relief because of the Ceasefire, which may have temporarily avoided WW3, in the eyes of many people, could this have been the Biblical Peace and Safety in this verse?  Even more ominous, could this have been our 7--Day Warning?
Could a limited nuclear war, or an EMP attack, involving Russia, or whomever, and the U.S., take place 7 days from now, that would pave the way for the Hanukkah Eve Battle of Gog and Magog?  Assuming that Obama would be complicit in any attack on the U.S., as he was sent here to destroy the U.S., this Sudden Destruction (nuclear?) would pave the way for Russia, Iran, and their allies to attack Israel.
This COULD make Nov. 28--29th the day of the Sudden Destruction and the Rapture.  What more appropriate day for God's Judgment to begin then Nov. 29th, the day the Palestinians attempt to divide God's Holy Land, especially if they are successful.  We cannot be sure what the Sudden Destruction is, but Nov. 29th seems to have potential to be that day, especially in light of the cry for Peace and Safety SEVEN days from that date.  A 7-Day Warning, as in the Days of Noah, is a very distinct possibility.  Nov. 29th, as mentioned in my previous post, is a very historic day of the year.  29 is the number for DEPARTURE.  Is Nov. 29th our DEPARTURE day???
Ron Reese
p.s.  No, I am not abandoning Dec. 7--8th, Hanukkah Eve, as a VERY HIGH RAPTURE/SUDDEN DESTRUCTION ALERT DAY.  However, I do believe in progressive revelation.  In light of the Peace and Safety Ceasefire event, we must consider all options.  In my opinion, we can now add Nov. 28--29 as another High Rapture/Sudden Destruction Alert day.