Rene (30 Nov 2012)
"re: Morsi's Power Grab and the new "wealth tax"---???"

Mohammed Moron Morsi's power grab is all you hear in the news. It has lit up the major news channels for days now, but no one is bothering to comment about the fact that what Morsi is doing is EXACTLY what B.O. is doing in America! Why do you think that they are trying to do away with the filibuster? The GOP tried to do away with it when they were in power and the biggest OPPONENTS at the time were Harry Reid and B.O, both of whom were screaming bloody murder and "foul play"!!!   NOW that the shoe is on the OTHER FOOT and the DEMS are in power, Hary Reid and B.O. are trying the very same GRAB FOR POWER! They are now the BIGGEST advocates of something that they opposed back when Bush was in power!  A way to get legislation passed - THEIR legislation without any opposition!!!!!
FOLKS, everyone is looking at the power-mad power-grab by Morsi, but no one in the national news is covering (or maybe COVERING UP!!!?) the fact that we have a muslim president who is doing the exact same thing!!!!!! Don't forget that for the muslims, all lying is acceptable when it is the enemies of Allah that you are lying to! And if you still don't think he is a liar, just look at the fiasco that happened in Benghazi!  B.O. is passing one "edict" after another, one executive act after another - and little by little chiseling away at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights until it will no longer exist and we will wake up one morning soon and find out that we are living in Communist CHINA with a dictator in the oval office! Is it any wonder that the Communist Party USA threw a BIG party when he won? They got their man in power! Communism has FAILED miserably in every country it was ever implemented, yet you still have total idiots who are pushing for it in America. America has truly become an insane-asylum run by the inmates! Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are two of the stupidest idiots who ever walked the face of the earth, and B.O. and Valerie Jarrett are 2 of the most dangerous, communist psychopaths who ever walked the face of the earth (along with all their marxist thugs who put them in power)!
Maybe some of you missed Bill O'Reilly last night when they were talking about a "wealth tax". What are they wanting to do? Well, there are people out there who don't have much of an income, but they have "property", right? They want to go after these people and tax their wealth or their "property". DUH!!! If you don't have much of an income, but you own your own home (for example), how do you get enough money to pay a wealth tax on your home? You don't, because you can't afford it! So - what does the government plan to do? CONFISCATE PRIVATE PROPERTY! EXACTLY! Exactly as I have been saying for years! The NEXT power grab by the communists in power is to start confiscating private property! When the government runs out of money - they STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!! Do you get that?!! It has happened in EVERY single country that has gone communist!
Do YOU have elderly parents who are totally dependent on social security and the only thing that they own is their home? And maybe their car? How do your elderly parents pay a "wealth tax" on their home (which could end up being several THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR) when they only have social security checks for an income and are barely making ends meet with that? SIMPLE! They have to SELL THEIR HOME and move into an apartment in order to pay the wealth tax on their home! GET IT?!!! Or the government simply confiscates their home for TAX PURPOSES! Yes, folks, that is what we are looking at. They are not just talking about a wealth tax on the millionaire out there who has a yacht and 3 homes in Florida, they are talking about ANYONE - ANYONE who owns property having to pay a "wealth tax" on it. This is the big REDISTRIBUTION of wealth that the B.O. Administration is lusting after! YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY! Why should anyone bother working to pay off a 30 year mortgage on their home so they can retire without having to worry about house payments? In the end, you LOSE it all anyway! This is what it is coming to! It is coming to something MUCH WORSE than anyone can possibly dream up! You will see elderly people, living on social security, being thrown out of their homes because they cannot pay this new "wealth tax" on their home. And forget about inheriting from your parents! If your parents leave you 50,000. in property, the government will get HALF! THIS IS what the devils that America put in office are planning, and when it happens, you won't get to object ONE WORD about it because the Supreme Court is being filled with radical leftists and the communist in the White House will be backing it 100%.
Why do you think that the CENSUS report you filled out wants to know how many rooms are in your house and how many people LIVE in your house? They are gathering information on the SIZE of your home and the estimated value of all the furniture in your home, folks! This is all in preparation for the wealth tax. Don't believe it? Well, if you have a 4 bedroom house, they can estimate that you have 4 bedrooms full of furniture, a family room full of furniture and a kitchen and dining area with furniture. They will tax a percentage of that furniture as part of your "WEALTH TAX", and they'll have no problem taxing you on the vehicles you own. This information is already public knowledge. And it will be ON TOP OF the property taxes you already pay to the county and state! 
They can also do exactly what Communist Russia and China did when the commies took over. If there are TWO of you living in a house with 3 bedrooms, they can estimate that that is too much ROOM for 2 people and they can FORCE you to allow 2 more people to MOVE in and SHARE your home with you and you will not be able to object ONE WORD! And it may be 2 people who are muslim or Chinese or Hindu who don't speak one word of YOUR language. Do you have 2 kids and a 5 bedroom home? Well, you may be asked to take in an immigrant family from Tunisia to "share your wealth". And if THAT immigrant family just happens to be muslim and you are Christian, they may demand that all Bibles be kept hidden (so they aren't OFFENDED of course) and they may also insist that your 2 daughters and wife cover their heads (like they do), so they won't be OFFENDED! All in the name of diversity of course - and TOLERANCE! And since we are choking in debt from China, this may be one way that the US starts paying off the debt to China. Move a CHINESE family into your home! And what do they do with all those pesky citizens who object to turning their private property over to the Chinese? Lock them in FEMA camps for "re-education". Do you see what I mean, jelly bean?
We will soon be saying goodbye to 2012. It may be the LAST YEAR that there is any real freedom or sanity left in America. And once the Christians are gone (and we can only hope that that is SOON), the only ones left will be the psychopaths! Just remember that all the people who are screaming INTOLERANT at us are the same ones (communists) who are the most intolerant bloody killers that ever walked the face of the earth! If you don't believe me, go live in China for about 3 weeks - that is OUR FUTURE!
P.S.  Oh, and by the way, people like D'Souza who made the film "2016"? And people like Bill O'Reilly, Hannity, Cavuto, Michelle Malkin, FOX network??? - I look for all of them to either disappear or be victims of bizarre, unexplained "accidents" in the very near future. The last 4 years, these "protesters" were tolerated by the regime in power, but during the next 4, you can look for B.O. to start picking off his enemies one-by-one.....