QMR (22 Nov 2012)

Greg,  According to Islam, it is perfectly "kosher" to practice
"taqquia" (sp), in order to advance the  Islamic agenda.  Taqquia
means you can lie, kill, or deceive for the sake of Allah, and all
muslims will recognize that you are merely obeying Allah's command.
In other words, any means to justify the end.  They would  understand
if someone pretended to be a Christian and not a homosexual, in order
to advance the Islamic plan of world domination.  And that IS the
ultimate goal of Islam, to subjugate the entire world to Islam, to
establish a world Caliphate. To establish the law of submission to
Islam, or be beheaded.  One theory / interpretation of the scriptures
suggests that the anti-christ will be the  beast,  a communist, that
rises out of the sea, who turns and rends the whore, (Islam) . After
he takes credit for the destruction of Islam and the Middle East, he
will then finalize his orders to establish the New World Order over
the rest of the world, and THIS will be implemented through the RFID
chip, without which NO ONE  can buy or sell.  The only escape will be
through the rapture:  The righteous man perisheth from the earth, none
considering he has been taken from the evil to come.