Phil (30 Nov 2012)
"Re Kevin W's "Palestinians will be voted in by UN....then look out!""

John and Doves,
The above article brings into close focus the likelihood of several prophecies pertaining to Israel
being fulfilled should the UN vote in favour of a Palestinian State today, November 29th.
Various articles in the media refer to the vote in favour being "more than 130" out of a total of 193.
Now I don't know about you but I see two lots of 13's there.
And just why is this vote being taken today do you suppose? Exactly 65 years to the day that the
UN voted 33 to 13 (yes another 13) in favour of dividing Palestine to allow the Jewish state of Israel
to come into existence.
65 years? To the day? 65 = 5 x 13.
Also 6+5 = 11.
On another tack, early this evening, I went for a bite to eat with my 2 boys (7 & 8) at the shopping centre,
we later went into a shop and I looked at some things I thought might be suitable for a Christmas present
for them. (They thought that several others were suitable of course) As the one I was interested in had no
price on it I took it to the counter and asked one of the assistants. She said $64:95."Oh!" I said in surprise
- "$65.00".
Well something's going on because it is MY birthday today and I just retired! Praise God!
Keep looking up!