Paul J (30 Nov 2012)
"dream of 3 minutes to 8 ,we will be back after 6 hours"

Dear Doves ,

following to my below dream back in 2009 , were i had a dream of an angel saying 3 minutes to 8 , we will be back
after 6 hours.

i now expect 8 to be december 8 ( its a friday ) it matchs the 24th of kislev the 9th month as per Haggai 2 .

i also had a dream lately on september 7  where i saw in huge letters MEGAQUAKE.
maybe the december 7 at 3 minutes before the 8 a sudden destruction will occur. 
then we will be back home after 6 hours.?

6 hours could be 6 days ie 13 december

i had a dream yesterday that i was in a car and we were just crossing a bridge over a sea and that was the starting
of the 3 days of darkness.  could the 3 days of darkness be the 3 years from dec.8 2012 till dec 8 2015 ?

on september 11 , i had a dream of both hands of Jesus where light of glory were shining from them , and then a red
heart was drawn between his hands as if he was saying i love you.
if a megaquake will occur on dec. 7  as per first dream will dec 11 be our blessing  day?

come lord quickly.
Paul Joseph.

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Dear Doves,
i had a dream in october 2009 where i was transmitted a message saying
that at 3 minutes to 8 we will be back after 6 hours.
i strongly beleive that 8  oclock is 2012.
but what is 3 minutes to 8 ?
i asked the lord Jesus in prayers in strong prayers and opened the bible randomly
and guess what !  what a revelation it opened on 2 kings 25
8  And in the fifth month, on the seventh day of the month, which is the nineteenth year of king Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, came Nebuzaradan, captain of the guard, a servant of the king of Babylon, unto Jerusalem:
wow...19 year , 5 months 7 days ...19:57      wow 3 minutes to 8
wow its beautifull....but i still don't get it !?!   where is the message ?
sorry Jesus i am just a sheep and you are my shepherd
may i understand that "  3 minutes to " means 57 on digital clock  means 7 th of may
and 8 means 2012.
so 3 minutes to eight means 7 th of may 2012. !!
something will happen , a war , an earhtquake , financial meltdown
then we will be back after 6 hours,( rapture )
6 hours could mean 6 hours ,
or six days , ie 13 may
or six weeks ie 18 june
or six months ie 7 november ( a day after obama 2nd term )
i hope its not 6 years....2018.
was just sharing some thoughts.
while thinking my eyes fell on a ketchup bottle from heinz showing a big 57 on the top
is heinz a globalist NWO company putting on our table the date of destruction right in
front of our eyes.
we are very close. Come lord Jesus Come.
in Chirst
Paul Joseph