Michele Kennedy (30 Nov 2012)
"Channukah, Financial Cliff, Damascus and Eliazer and COME UP HITHER correlations"


Just  wanted to point something out here. some I found interesting; Correlations in Strongs numbers and the word meanings centered around Channukah, Come Up Hither,  the REAL FINANCIAL CLIFF, Damascus and Eliazer and one other surprise patriarch of great interest! 


Amazingly the Word ALAH in Hebrew also means to BRING UP, TRAIN as does the word Chanukkah.

The Phrase “Come up hither” in the OT is ONLY found in one verse in Proverbs 25:7. It’s the word 5927 ALAH amd it’s meaning is to Ascend Up, Go Up.

Proverbs 25:7

Pro 25:7

For better 2896 [it is] that it be said 559 unto thee, Come up 5927 hither; than that thou shouldest be put lower 8213 in the presence 6440 of the prince 5081 whom thine eyes 5869 have seen 7200.


“FOR BETTER” 2896 is the Hebrew word TOB-meaning GOOD, FAVOR, WELLFAVORED, even MERRY.

I noticed that this numbers associates converge in one chapter in the NT.

James 5:3- 4

The Words were by position:

Cry or Shriek” G2896 and “Cankered” G2728.

Jas 5:3

YourG5216 goldG5557 andG2532 silverG696 is cankered;G2728 andG2532 the rustG2447 of themG846 shall beG2071 a witnessG3142 againstG1519 you,G5213 andG2532 shall eatG5315 yourG5216 fleshG4561 as it wereG5613 fire.G4442 Ye have heaped treasure togetherG2343 forG1722 the lastG2078 days.G2250


Jas 5:4

Behold,G2400 the hireG3408 of the labourersG3588 G2040 who haveG3588 reaped downG270 yourG5216 fields,G3588 G5561 which is ofG575 youG5216 kept back by fraud,G650 crieth:G2896 andG2532 the criesG3588 G995 of themG3588 which have reapedG2325 are enteredG1525 intoG1519 the earsG3588 G3775 of the LordG2962 of sabaoth.G4519




‘PUT LOWER’ is the word # 8213





A primitive root; to depress or sink (especially figuratively to {humiliate} intransitively or transitively): - {abase} bring ({cast} put) {down} {debase} humble ({self}) be ({bring} {lay} {make} put) low (-er).

This word SHAPHEL is the ninth ref. as found in Proverbs 25:7- Number of JUDGMENT.

The other 2 references to this phrase, “Come up hither” are both found in Revelation. 

Chapter 4:1 and 11:12 ( two raptures/resurrections.)

This same word Shaphel 8213  has these number associates:

Eliazer (God of Help)  and  Ephron (fawn like).

The first ref. to Eliazer is found in Gen. 15

Gen 15:2

And AbramH87 said,H559 LordH136 GOD,H3069 what wilt thou giveH5414 me, seeing I goH1980 childless,H6185 and the stewardH4943 H1121 of my houseH1004 [is] thisH1931 EliezerH461 of Damascus?H1834

Hint of the timing of our LIFTING UP?  “Eliazer of Damascus”

Damascus is interesting because the next word is DAN - JUDGMENT!

Damascus is first found in Gen. 14:15

Gen 14:15

And he dividedH2505 himself against them, he and his servants,H5650 by night,H3915 and smoteH5221 them, and pursuedH7291 them unto HobahH2327, which [is] on the left handH8040 of Damascus.H1834

 Verse Number: 352

In the Greek this same number 352 is found in Luke 21:

Luke 21:28

AndG1161 when these thingsG5130 begin toG756 come to pass,G1096 then look up,G352 andG2532 lift upG1869 yourG5216 heads;G2776 forG1360 yourG5216 redemptionG629 draweth nigh.G1448


The gematria of the Genesis 14:15 1st Damascus ref. is 2391

God of Help = Eliazer





From H2388 ; help: - strength.

And THIS man!





Of Hebrew origin [ H3382 ];
Jared (that {is} { Jered }) an antediluvian: - Jared.


Jered or Jared = "descent"

Gen 5:15

And Mahalaleel 4111 lived 2421 sixty 8346 8141 and five 2568 years 8141, and begat 3205 Jared3382:



Isa 52:7

How beautifulH4998 upon the mountainsH2022 are the feetH7272 of him that bringeth good tidings,H1319 that publishethH8085 peace;H7965 that bringeth good tidingsH1319 of good,H2896 that publishethH8085 salvation;H3444 that saithH559 unto Zion,H6726 Thy GodH430 reigneth!H4427


Rom 8:26

LikewiseG5615 the SpiritG4151 G1161alsoG2532 helpethG4878 ourG2257 infirmities:G769 forG1063 we knowG1492 notG3756 whatG5101 we should pray forG4336 asG2526 we ought:G1163 butG235 the SpiritG4151 itselfG846 maketh intercessionG5241 forG5228 usG2257 with groaningsG4726 which cannot be uttered.G215

Verse #3998 from Malachi 4:6

Ps 29:7

The voiceH6963 of the LORDH3068 dividethH2672 the flamesH3852 of fire.H784

Verse # 3998 From 1 Kings 16:34


Luke 2:24

AndG2532 to offerG1325 a sacrificeG2378 according toG2596 that which is saidG2046 inG1722 the lawG3551 of the Lord,G2962 A pairG2201 of turtledoves,G5167 orG2228 twoG1417 youngG3502 pigeons.G4058

Verse # 3998  PLUS 20K

Renee Moses: 2 Turtle Doves, and a Partridge in a pear tree….


John 1:29


  Day One:

“The Next Day John saw Jesus Coming Toward him, and said, “:Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”

 John 1:35- 36 “ And I have seen and testified that this is the Son of God.” 

Day Two:

“Again the Next day John stood with two of his disciples.  And looking at Jesus as He walked, he said, “Behold the Lamb of God!”

 John’s TWO disciples heard Jesus speak and they FOLLOWED JESUS.  Then Jesus TURNED and seeing them following, said to them, “What do you see?”  they said to Him, “Rabbi” (which is to say, when translated, Teacher), “where are You staying?”

John 1: 39

He said to the “Come and See” They came and saw where he was saying, and remained with him that day (now it was about the TENTH HOUR.”

Tenth Hour/ Tenth Month/ Channukah-TEVET!

John 10: 22 “Now it was the Feast of Dedication in Jerusalem, and it was WINTER.”

Brother Dan’s Prophecy, “May the Festival of Lights find FAVOR with all my Children.”


Jhn 1:39

He saith 3004 unto them 846, Come 2064 and 2532 see 1492. They came 2064 and 2532 saw 1492 where 4226 he dwelt 3306, and 2532 abode 3306 with 3844 him 846 that 1565 day 2250: for 1161 it was 2258 about 5613 the tenth 1182 hour 5610.


“Come and See”= 2064 + 2532 + 1492 = 6088







(Chaldee); corresponding to H6087 ; to afflict: - lamentable.

H8210   (8213 SHAPHEL)




A primitive root; to spill forth ({blood} a {libation} liquid metal; or even a {solid} that {is} to mound up); also (figuratively) to expend ({life} {soul} {complaint} {money} etc.); intensively to sprawl out: - cast ({up}) gush {out} pour ({out}) shed ({-der} {out}) slip.






From H2603 ; favored ;
{Chanun} the name of an Ammonite and of two Israelites: - Hanun.






A primitive root (compare H2583 ); properly to bend or stoop in kindness to an inferior; to {favor} bestow ; causatively to implore (that {is} move to favor by petition): - {beseech} X {fair} ({be} {find} shew) favour ({-able}) be ({deal} {give} grant (gracious ({-ly}) {intreat} (be) {merciful} have (shew) mercy ({on} {upon}) have pity {upon} {pray} make {supplication} X very.





A primitive root (compare H2603 ); properly to incline ; by implication to decline (of the slanting rays of evening); specifically to pitch a tent; generally to encamp (for abode or siege): - abide (in {tents}) {camp} {dwell} {encamp} grow to an {end} {lie} pitch ({tent}) rest in tent.






From H2603 ; favored ;
{Channah} an Israelitess: - Hannah.