Leslie L (30 Nov 2012)
"Rapture PREP DVD - For those going & those staying - free"


I have updated the Rapture PREP DVD and now it includes KJV bible in mp3 format so you can listen to the bible at all times.  I just added a bunch of Islam to Jesus testimonies to hear.

If you have not gotten one of these DVDs please email to:      rareles@hotmail.com

your mailing address and I will mail one to you ASAP.


God directed me to create this DVD and start distributing late last year.  My prayer was I have all this spiritual material and what do I do with it – because almost nobody in my church believes in the Rapture.


This DVD is for the computer and has items to watch, hear and read on it.


Once you have a copy you can start burning them and giving them out to people.  It not only replaces a tract but has about 10 years worth of spiritual material if ever the internet goes down – your computer will still edify.  Also if you have not drafted your rapture letter this DVD has the material to be that for you – so that your loved ones will have something to refer to when it happens.  Soon Christian material will start to be censored and banned.  Stock up now - this dvd will help you if you pray thru the material as you examine it.


God has laid this on my heart to make this available to all that ask.  I have already mailed successfully to quite a few countries.


God bless you all as we prepare our hearts in repentance and sanctification for the soon Rapture of the Bride of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


Leslie L