KML (22 Nov 2012)
"My Latest vision ( NOT A DREAM ! ) E.T ? God said speak, and so I do"


For the most part I do not have dreams, I have visions. Visions in that I am present where ever it is that I am. I am mentally aware of those that I see; and they see me. I have not shared a lot concerning these visions with others. On occation I will write here on Doves, and to other friends online. God gave me this scripture in answer to my prayers for America, Israel, and the Church in 2010.
Jeremiah 1:7 But the Lord said unto me, Say not, that I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak.
So I do.
My latest vision Nov 18, 2012
I am standing on the platform of an upper level inside a large room. It was quiet and no sound was heard. The room was beautiful and was made of highly polished Rose Gold. To my left is three rows of 4 to 5" round railings. Three railings made up the 4 ft high rail that went all the way around the center of the room. It was to prevent anyone from falling over to the level below. Makeing this level the highest level. I know this because there was nothing above me but the roof which was also made of the  highly polished Rose Gold metal. The whole place was rectangular in shape and very sharp angles. The lighting was not very bright, but complemented the Rose Gold color of the metal, and I could see clearly. No light fictures were seen. The light seemed to be reflected from the shinny rose gold of the metal. To my right was a wall that extended the lenght of that side of the room. I thought; WOW this is beautiful ! I was not afraid. My steps were quiet and I could not hear them. As I took a couple of steps, a small creature stepped out of a door at the end of the wall on my right, and stood about 25 ft directly in front of me close to the rail.
He came out quickly and stood with his weight on his right leg as if one would do in a slite leanning position. He was peering down the corador at me. He stood about 3 1/2 to 4 ft in height and his body was well proportioned as we are as humans. The head, the feet and arms. Not like everyone imagines the ET's look like. His eyes were also proportioned as ours are in accordance to his head. He was naked, but no sexual organs were visible. I just felt in my spirit he was male. No words were spoken, but his thoughts were known to me some how. I felt as if he was thinking; " Where did you come from ? How did you get here ? rather than; " Who are you ? and What do you want ? "
He was more puzzeled by me I think, than I was of him, due to my sudden appearance. Maybe because I have seen ( other) creatures before. Meaning other worldly. It was just a few minutes altogether that I was there, and then I was gone and I opened my eyes in bed and had an uncomfortable thought. I wondered for the first time, if he could follow me back here,the same way he was aware of my presence there. Because my steps made no sound there. In prior visions of these types of creatures I had not felt that before. The feeling that I could be followed.
I think sometimes I relate to Paul when he said; " whether in the body or out of the body I know not, God knows."
Anyway, these creatures and much more are very real, and I can see how mens hearts will fail them for fear for the things that are coming upon the earth.
Strangely in all the cases that I have been allowed to see these creatures, I was not afraid. They seemed to be more puzzeled by my sudden appearance and dis-appearance, because I make no noise when I come and go. I am just all of a sudden there.
I know the spiritual body has a form. I know this because in Revelation we read where the martyrs are given white robes and asked to wait a little season until the others are come. They have to have a form to hang a robe on; Amen?

Keep looking up !
Our Lord is coming