Kevin W (22 Nov 2012)
"Dictator in Chief"

"He is all things to all people in the hope of" deceiving, lying, cheating, stealing and crushing them before he drags them to his lair...HELL
That's why He is a Christian, a Moslem, for Israel and for the Palestinians.....He's for everyone....believe the lie and lay down your life for him.
How do you know when he lies? His lips move.

He is a two faced, father of lies

Power, absolute power and nothing but the power will help him to be god

If Congress could be eliminate he could reign supreme

Come soon Lord Jesus we hate what we are seeing around us.

Lord we uphold Israel to you, defend her, give Netanyahu a fierce determination to fight her enemies no matter what anyone says.
Open Israels eyes that they turn to you and receive your salvation.

Help us as watchmen to not give up telling anyone who will listen.....give us holy boldness to proclaim the truth. Amen

Rev 22:20
Kevin W in Oz