Jovial (22 Nov 2012)
"To Greg on re Obama's Religion"

Greg raised the question of Obama's religion at  there is a possibility that most people have not thought of .  Obama may not be a Muslim or a Christian , but a universalist, who probably has more sympathy for Islam than most other religions.  That would explain a lot of things.


However, the ring he wears would again be proof that he could not be the false messiah, because if he wears a ring that says ,  "There is no god but Allah", how could he be the man of whom it is said,


  "He will show no regard for the gods

   of his fathers; and neither the desire

   of women, nor any god, shall he regard;

   for he shall magnify himself above all."

  (Dan 11:37)


Obama's father was a Muslim, his mother an atheist, and his granparents attended a Christian Church.