Frank R Molver (22 Nov 2012)
"re sparrow visions"

I went to the link supplied here by Grace and found this compilation numerous visions/dreams
So I went to the last one and here it is.
Read it for yourself
I have read many dreams and such over the years here, but never ones that read like novels
So that is my opinion, its like reading the Rick Joyner book, the one that is a whole book of a very long dream
It begins good, but seems to me to become more like a novel.
So where does dream end and imagination begin, should it read like a romance novel?
Most dreams or visions are very short but say alot
She likes to call anyone who questions her a wolf
Ok, call me a wolf, I have seen enough.

Dream XIX

This day, a roof of swords lined the path. Many more than even yesterday. The angels covered the path today. There was a light dusting of fresh snow. Below it was quiet. I could hear birds. I saw two robins walking across the path. One was skinny and needed food the other was fat. The fat bird kept stealing the seed from the skinny bird. They were walking along the path and fighting over seeds that had fallen to the ground. - It seemed odd.

As I approached the path today, I looked above me and the entire dome was the beast literally. The entire belly of the beast was over the dome. I could see the scales of red. Some where black....looking closer the two dragons were enmeshed together forming a bond over the dome.

The warrior angels were inflicting heavy blows. Droves and droves of angels that were at least 9' and some even larger encompassed the roof of the dome. All to protect me. There were angels between the dome and the canopy of swords. These angels were flying and ringing bells. The bells were keeping me from hearing the battle raging.

When the beast would shift, the entire dome would rattle. It was trying to sit on the dome and crush all of us! 3 large angels carrying something like blow torches with blue flames, swooped across the dome searring the beast's belly. The Beast or Beasts Screeched! Occasionally I saw claws coming in and scooping up the heavenly angels and pulling them outside of the safe area.

While this continued and I was under the canopy, I could only hear the crunching of the snow and the chirps of the two birds.

Breakthrough was at the base of the ladder and waved for me to hurry.

This time I had fear at the base. I looked up and saw the two giant dragon heads near the portal. Seven large angels came to take blows at the dragon heads. Breakthrough whistled and two angels came with black drapes and covered the battle so I couldn't see it. Now I could focus on the light at the portal.

At the top my greeter smiled and grabbed my arm. I looked for my Love! There He was! From a distance, I saw Him stand-up as I began to step. The angel pulled me back to wait.

The Shofar sounded 2 Blows, pause, 2 blows, pause 2 blows and one very long one. Then no sound for about 10 seconds. Then a loud blow, very long and deep that permeated my entire body. Then silence for exactly 3 minutes.

I looked toward my King and He motioned for me.

The angel announced: "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lamb, Holy is He, He is Just, He is Good, Holy is He!" He then turned to me in a quiet voice "The Lord is on the Bema seat today!"

This time the sea of glass was spread out further. My feet became so beautiful as I walked on the glass --it just amazed me. The Bittersweet Symphony began to play. It began to build up with a higher wave of music as I approached. Around me were billions and billions of angels and suddenly I realized that Heaven would prevail over what I had just come through with the dragons! It was a beautiful sight!

He stood in full armor still. His wings had shifted open a bit beyond 3/4's but the fraction I couldn't tell. He wore his crown. His hair was white still. His sword was hung upon HIs left side.

The risers now were about 9' high. There was a platform where 24 people gathered in robes. They were standing not seated. It seemed as if I had interrupted an important meeting. The dispersed as I approached.

Jesus stepped down 2 risers to greet me. There He grabbed my right hand with His left. My gown was beautiful, it was composed of thousands of blue sapphire stars. It was extremely heavy - I though it was strange because it was the first time anything had felt even slightly weighty. Even the solid sterling armor was lite. As He locked His fingers in mine and angel from the right came and put a small stool next to His left and lower than His seat.

Four angels came rushing up and just over and behind the throne they assembled a beautiful arch of fragrant Red Roses! There were Thousands and thousands. There were also large magnolia leaves with dark green on top and bronze underneath. The giant structure or arch behind the throne was about 9' high 12' wide and 6' thick. I could smell the roses. He could tell what I was thinking and HE stared at me - I began to chuckle (remember a few weeks ago smelling roses in my parking lot at work). He pulled me in front of HIm and our 2 hands were enmeshed and woven together. We were standing face to face. Me looking up at Him. He looked so majestic! He was a King!

Yesterday seeing Him working in the field just made me so in love with Him. Now to stand before Him like this with HIs power, I felt so honored and adored!

As my eyes locked His, I looked into the window. I saw wind, a storm, stormy seas, and earth shattering events. I saw explosions, famine, murder, I saw children being slaughtered! I immediately unlocked my hand, put my head down, and covering my eyes I wept! It was horrifying! As I wept, those little angels with buckets came to collect my tears and record them.

me: "Why did You show me this?" As if I had been mistreated by HIm.

HIM: With great compassion, I saw Him well up with tears. I immediately wiped His tears and reached up to hug Him.

me: "I love You, I'm sorry for Your pain."

HIM: "If You are my Betrothed, do You not want to Know my business?" "You are my Love."

me: "Of course!"

He then turned in back of the throne, and took my hand. There before me were two tables.

One was very long. It was farther than I could see. It was still being lavishly set. There was white, red, gold and silver settings. There were several gold menorahs lined down the table.

To the left of the table was another table. It was much shorter and closer to the throne. It was set with all blue, white and silver settings. The Star of David was embossed into the fabric as well as some Hebrew inscriptions that I didn't recognize. There was also no menorahs on this table. I was confused by the two tables.

me: "What is this?"

HIM: "Only a few will be near My altar." Then from my right a large angel stood before us with a giant scales. It was beautiful. It was Bronze. The scales were equally balanced. Jesus then reached over and took something from the angel it was a blue sapphire nob and it was heavy like a weight --like lead. He then place this on the scale to the right. Another angel came up and held out a heavy bag. Jesus took out the weights and placed them on the scales. There were 10 weights. An angel arranged them to form a pyramid so that they would not tip over. The weights were green, red, yellow, white and blue. The paint on the weights were chipped pealing and cracking to expose black to expose cheap metal. When He place the weights on the scales. THe scales tipped.

HIM: "Love, what do you see?"

me: "I see this as unfairly balanced" One angel came over and put a blind fold over the eyes of the angel holding the scales.

me: "Oh, Blind Justice!"

HIM: "yes!" - He was sad in His demeanor. Heavy hearted. I didn't like it. There just wasn't anything I could do.

me: "Why not focus on the settings at the very large table!" "Isn't this great!"

HIM: He smiled and Hugged me! "It is about the long journey that the table represents." "This long table represents those who come by faith." This table pointing to the short one, they rejected me but this is the true!"

He reached over and grabbed a carafe of pure water. It was from the river of life. He took it and poured it into a clear glass chalice of crystal. As HE poured it, it turned into wine! I clapped and I must have jumped. I had forgotten all that He had done here on Earth. He smiled at me and chuckled - He was amused. He reached for the cup and tasted it. THen He gave it to me to drink from the same spot He had put His lips. At that moment I cried again. If they had seen the Jesus that stands before me they would never had rejected HIM!:

HIM: "what do You taste?"

me: "I taste water mixed with wine!" I smiled.

HIM: "yes!" He grabbed my hand and lifted me up the riser. All the way to the back of the throne under the Arch of Roses! It was so Beautiful and fragrant. He held my hands up again to kiss them. Then He cupped my chin in His hands. I realized How much He loved me in that moment. He showed me. As I looked into HIs Eyes, from the time I was just a consideration, a tiny spec. He took me through every course in my life, smells, people, pain, death, anguish, joy, childbirth and rebuke. I welled up and began to cry.

HIM: "What is wrong?"

me: "It's hard to see!"

HIM: "I have been with you and so you will be with me!"

me: "I couldn't find You until later."

HIM: "When you looked into My eyes what did you see?"

me: "I saw my whole journey."

HIM: "That was in My eyes correct?"

me: "Yes, it was in Your eyes!" (He was smiling).

HIM: "I chose you! You did not choose Me!"
I wept outright. Again this little angel came in and swooped up my tears again to record them.

me: "But You love Israel more than us!"

HIM: "Is it not written in Isaiah how I feel about my love?"

me: "I love you." I was barefoot in this beautiful gown. He seemed very tall. He reached up and grabbed a beautiful large red rose. The rose had pearls as dew. He smelled it and then handed it to me. I took a deep breath and took in the amazing fragrance. Nothing on earth can duplicate this. The smell was rich and intoxicating. He took the rose form my hand smelled it one more time Himself and put it in my hair over my left ear. My hair today was dark long and curly. This rose sang to me about how much He loves me over and over... it was so sweet!.

He then picked me up and carried me down the risers. My gown was very weighty. He was laughing as He carried me down as I was saying whoooooooooa! When we reached the bottom He said, "You are My Jewel and My Love!!" I was crying because I knew our time was over today and that He had pressing business.

He sent me off to the angel. As I looked back He stood and watched me go all the way back to the portal. I waved and He smiled, although not as brightly today.

The 24 people were gathering back together on the platform. They were laying out a scroll or map and looking at it. I couldn't tell what it was from my vantage point. One of them turned and waved at me and I waved back.

The angel reached out and put the small cloth over my head. He said, "It is still raining, you should take cover. Look for Your Love, He wil be found by you!" "His eyes are on the sparrow!' The angel smiled.

me: "Where is it written Isaiah?"

HIM: "many places but 54!"

Just then the rose began to whisper, "You are loved by the King; He is pleased with You!!