Connie B (5 Nov 2012)
"Daniel's Timeline Revelation?"


Connie Boyles

Subject: Daniel's Timeline Revelation?
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2012 15:38:29 -0500

Hi Doves,

    When I first started seriously being called to be a watcher and study the prophecy's, the very first information that I found was Dewey Bruton's Daniel's Timeline.   I knew when I finished watching all of his presentation which was intriguing to say the least, that he didn't believe in the rapture.  So I threw the "baby out with the bath water and didn't pay too much attention to his research.

    Today I was reading in my Bible and I was prompted to come and listen to his video presentation again.    He believes that March 21, 2013 is the mid-point of the final 7 years.   Sooo, just for the sake of curiosity I counted back 1260 days and came to September 9, 2009.     I googled to see if anything significant occurred on that day and this I what I found.

This was the speech that O gave to a joint session of Congress about his plans for Obamacare.  Also
the session that a Congressman yelled out "you lie!"

If you click the link there is a wikipedia article about this date written on September 3, 2009 (prior to the date.)

I am still convinced that we are in the final 7 years already and I think Ron Reese is pretty close on his calculations, but maybe this Sept 9 date was important also, whereas Ron Reese's date of Oct. 29 was the basis of his calculations.    I always believed in a pre-final 7 year rapture but now think it is entirely possible that we could be raptured pre-wrath and prior to the final 42 months.    Just musing and in no way am stating anything or any dates.  I just think it is entirely possible.  I realize there are many people that still believe in the pre-final 7 year rapture and they may be correct. 

We all know that Obamacare isn't really about healthcare but control of the last people on the planet who are still free.   Maybe it is more important to endtimes prophecy than we realize, so maybe the speech was more important as well.

If anyone can give me concrete scriptural evidence that it is a "7 year peace treaty with Israel", I would appreciate it, because I have searched my Bible and can't find anything that says this.

God Bless you all richly today.

Connie B.