Chris K (30 Nov 2012)
"RE:(Michele Kennedy (26 Nov 2012)"

Dearest Sister in the Lord,
   Thank you for your very personal response to my letters to you and all the Doves. I find it difficult to write personal messages within the forum, but, feel inclined to respond in a more personal way than usual.
  I am very encouraged by your letter of response, and, have found much light in ALL that you write...with almost all of your studies, I was constantly finding concurrent scripture with the WORD the Lord had only recently had me in(sometimes the very night before), revealing Holy Spirit led themes simultaneously shown to the various members of His Son's "body". This to me is one of the greatest confirmations of the veracity of His WORD and a REAL confirmation that the Holy Spirit actually dwells within me/us.
   I really didn't mean to imply in my original letter that your studies were improper or over-done. Quite the contrary, they were always a blessing to me, and I'm sure, to all in the forum, as well. My only desire was to put emphasis on the importance of simple and direct area I harp on(forgive the pun), and I suppose has become my De facto  ministry. being such a blessing to me, I can't stop yapping about it.
   Whenever I feel the forces of darkness are descending and the enemies of my soul are surrounding me(and its been quite a bit lately), I pull up my "personally revised and Holy Spirit led" copy of the Scottish Psalter or the Psalms of David as they are more commonly known. Well, of course, the darkness flees and the enemies are put to flight. But, more than anything, the confidence and the peace that comes about with WORSHIP is only compounded by the manifestation of the character and authority that we have in Christ...and this is very much an aspect of that "KEY of David". Not only is Christ' character manifest in us through WORSHIP, but we gain His authority as well...and this is what David had through his "anointing" and the same with Christ Jesus(times ten thousand). When we "become" the character of Christ through WORSHIP, we also acquire the authority that is given Him by the father...the "KEY", I guess, sort of turns both ways. This authority terrifies the enemies of God and shows them that we are the true co-regents along with the King of Kings!(this is also part of what convinces me that when the Bride is raptured, the rebellious powers and principalities that inhabit the Heavenlies will be FORCED to flee, cast down, like darkness fleeing from the light.)
   This was very much the "authority" given David by Yahweh(by virtue of his ability to WORSHIP). The right to rule as King...and being "in" Christ Jesus, we have a "Spiritual Authority" afforded us that gives us much license...freedom...GRACE! Freedom to 'look" into His WORD in a way that may seem like sorcery to others, and to peer into the darkness and pull out treasures from that darkness that to many might not seem tangible or real. But, to the "person of the Spirit", it is very real. These are the treasure of darkness that Isaiah spoke of:
Isa 45:3  And I will give you the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, Jehovah, who calls you by your name, am the God of Israel.
...and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Holy Spirit dwells within us, being that "pledge" of an even greater promise of redemption and Spiritual fulfillment that is our "Blessed Hope", which I believe is the "Helmet of our Salvation" salvation, the HARPAZO!
  Thank you, sister, for you obedience to the Holy Spirit of truth and your continued patience to the end...which is even at the doors!
                                                                                      your brother, Chris K.