Charles (22 Nov 2012)
"God spoke to me with the moon and clouds!"


I spent a few hours outside tonight in my hammock! It was 39 degrees give or take! My wife thought me crazy and said I really should go live in the woods! It's not the woods I want to live in just the desire to come put of this world!

I wanted to escape the blare of tv, the constant ads for black mass Friday! Here is a insight if you need something take your request to God then go buy it if the spirit provides your way! Don't even consider it! I struggle with that every day but the more I say no to what I want the more I seem to easily get what I need.

Anyway it's called a sleeping bag a real one rated 20 degrees with a draft tube and nice comfy pillow and insulated pad underneath! Of course pants and wool socks and a hat and down vest completed the ensemble!

I got what a sought and needed I few hours where I could commune with God talk to Jesus! I am trying to work out my salvation with fear and trembling not shivering and come out from among them seperate my self from this world look up seek the Lord!

I saw a show in the sky I would have missed! The moon represents the bride of Christ! I saw what looked like a hand formed from the cloud above reaching down to snatch the moon! The moon was surrounded by a red zig zag fiery haze! Then I saw as the moon moved a rectangular tabernancle form over it two sides and a roof with the moon in the middle!

The wedding feast of the lamb!

The rapture is close and I pray I am kept for Jesus I accepted His ring May 20th it was alot warmer then watchimg the wedding ring eclipse!

The fact is Venus co joins Saturn the birth of revelation 12 this November 26th! There is a red moon I hear Sunday!

I hope I have bore fruit for Jesus on five doves! I really have no honor among my family and know very few Christians watching the signs or even aware of Israel!

It makes me shiver inside the way a sleeping bag cannot help! I cried tears down my eyes and wondered if God would wipe them away dome day! My son turns seven he wants to be a singer and dancer when he grows up knowing the nearness I said you will be in heavan son!

My wife I mention the signs too I said I just want you to understand to go! She thinks I think less of her it's not how good you are she's better in this world it's how much your seperated by the word convicting your flesh into sanctification a work of the spirit you surrender too that makes you yearn to not want to be a part of this temporal reality that's fading!

All I can say is watch wait pray open the door when Jesus knocks you do not want to be here when in one hour it all changes! See everyone around me is living to keep things going here for the future here! I believe Jesus word there is none we have no hope except the blessed hope of Him coming to save us from Heavan!

Keep looking up keep watching!