Carl Berryman (22 Nov 2012)
"DNA Marking Kits to Combat Burglaries - Mark of the Beast Incrementalism"


Hi Doves,


Just announced this week here in NZ. Read full article here:


A new weapon has been rolled out to combat school burglaries. It aims to distribute forensic property marking kits to hundreds of primary, intermediate and secondary schools by the end of next year.

The SelectaDNA kits feature a synthetic DNA solution that indelibly marks items, which police can instantly identify as stolen using frontline UV-capable torches.


But get this! The legal owner of stolen items also can be identified through a central database using the unique DNA markers. This is just more incremental development of bio-recognition systems and databases on the populous.

Also distributed in the kits are signs and window stickers that warn would-be thieves that the forensic system is protecting property. Look at the logos and tag line:


You steel, you’re marked!!! In the future it will read: No mark? You’re a Terrorist! Also, notice it is targeting the hand with a hole? This says to me that this represents “ bad/thief” ie, in the’re a Christian (bad)...we are coming for you! A very subtle and diabolical agenda indeed.


Does the above logo remind you of anything?



Keep looking up...He’s coming real soon


In Him always


Carl Berryman