Bonnie M (30 Nov 2012)
"Re:  Jacquel Neff - Radio Broadcast"

Hi Jacquel,

Just wanted to comfort you in Christ that the majority of us here at 5 Doves have the same reaction to such rantings.  At first it wounded and confused me terribly.  I still listen to some of these broadcast and when the issue of the Rapture's timing comes around, I ask Jesus to forgive them because they do not know what they are saying.

Unfortunately this particular individual has been speaking this way for a long long time.  He admits he was a backslider (not that long ago), and has somewhat softened his accusations against the brethren.  While appearing to know the Bible very well (as does Lucifer and his demons), this brother has exhibited an unforgiving heart and stiffness of his neck.  I consider some of his speech slander to the Body.

Currently, after some time from failing to read the Word daily, I have again begun with the New Testament. I do not do selective reading but read the enter Bible and then start over.   Don't you wish Paul were here today to give this individual a little dressing down (ha, ha) because Steve divides the Body.  Paul and Peter are quite clear about such speech.

Therefore, let no one steal your Hope and Confidence in Christ, because He will do as He has told us.  He is not a liar and He is not moved.  I do believe there are going to be some shocked Christians out there in the very near future.  And you are correct, NO WHERE in the Bible does the timing of the Rapture state it affects our Salvation.  This person is in error and I have never read any Scripture which states we pre-tribbers have lost our Salvation.  On the contrary, I do believe it will be those who accuse the Brethren of hersay that will have some of their works burned up at the Bema Seat Judgement.  Note, I still believe such will participate in the gathering unto Jesus.

Per the timing of the Rapture, who know maybe he is correct or maybe we are all incorrect.  Only God knows, but we but our trust in Christ and He will keep safe all things commended unto Him.  Even if we get it all mixed up sometimes.  Jesus is concerned with our hearts.

Be of good cheer - whether pre; post; mid or whatever, His Coming is near.

God bless you and all Christians.

Your Sister in Christ - Bonnie M.