Anthony Polenski (30 Nov 2012)
"Confirming Dreams and Vision of the Rapture and Final War"



Tonight, God gave me a visible sign of the coming war and the Rapture to follow.  My mother in law who is a missionary came over to watch our ten month old daughter Grace today and I walked her out to help her carry some of her belongings and before she left she began to tell me about a dream she had last night. I was surprised because she doesnt typically tell me about dreams. I was also surprised because I also had a dream last night. (I never remember my dreams) My mother in law began to tell me about her dream. In her dream there were planes flying above, they were fighting. But she and her husband looked up into the sky and saw a bright light break through and they knew it was Christ returning. They paid no more attention to the planes and the fighting as they were focused only on the light of the Lord. They began to lift off of the ground and now were completely unaware of the fighting. They knew they were about to meet the Lord in the air. The Rapture was taking place and she said the peace and joy they felt were indescribable.

After this, I told her that last night I had a dream that planes were flying over head and shooting rockets that were exploding in the sky and on the ground. My wife and I had walked outside and upon noticing these explosions ran back into the house to get our daughter Grace. I strapped my daughter in the Baby Bjorn and then we took off out the door. Then I awoke.

Tonight, I was telling my wife Lydia about both of these dreams, when she stopped me and told me she had to use the bathroom.  Now I was sitting on the couch waiting for her to come back out of the bathroom to finish telling her when I noticed the music was too loud coming from the computer. Pandora was playing a random radio station of instrumental music and I was concerned it might awake our baby Grace whom we had just put down for the night.  I walked over and as I was walking over I felt the Lord say, "I knew you would leave the music up too loud, and this was my purpose so that you would have to walk back over to turn it down right at the proper moment. Look." I looked at the screen and the following song was playing with the album cover below.

This picture is of planes flying over, soldiers on the ground, and two angels ascending into a ray of light shining down from the heavens. The name of the band is "Explosions in the Sky!" and the name of the album is "The People who tell the truth shall die." This was the picture of the dream my mother in law had! The name of the band "explosions in the sky" was describing what we both had seen in our dreams. And the name of the album also has meaning, because my mother in law, lost her first husband as a missionary when he was murdered by terrorists in Columbia in the 70's. They have had other members of their family killed for the sake of the gospel as well.  They know that "The People who tell the truth shall die." What they do not say in the album, is that the people who tell the truth will die, but they will also "Rise again."

These dreams, and this vision confirm that the final war is near, and the ensuing Rapture of the saints. This is amazing!!
God is confirming things through these visions and dreams. He is knocking at the door! Now I am not pretrib, but I love this site and those who post on it, I happen to be mid or post trib, but regardless, we must all maintain the unity of fellowship with the Spirit. I am perfectly content to be wrong, but I am preparing to be here for some of the difficult days ahead :)I just had to share this! He is so good.
Anthony Polenski