Yona (3 Nov 2011)
"For Fay & Doves:  Evil Manifested"

Ref: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6e3OwOws3I
Dear Fay,
Thank you for your post with regard to: "Madness in the Fast Lane". I am familiar with the incident that was presented in the videos. Yes, you are right, they are disturbing.
Before I speak to the actual scenes about the Swedish twins, there are several aspects of your post that I'd like to address:
You wrote:
(1) "It's an interview well worth listening to. A glimpse into the esoteric that is becoming more blatant. The veil is thinning." I do not understand your statement: "The veil is thinning." This is not something biblical, and needs to be explained-- for me, it sounds New Age.
(2)"These Swedish twins could be victims of MK Ultra mind control or SRA (satanic ritual abuse). What is obvious to me - beyond a shadow of a doubt - is that they are also hybrids." Again, this needs to be substantiated, as to why you believe it to be so.
(3)"There is no way on God's earth, that any ordinary human being could have survived this stuff. If they were proper humans, they would be thoroughly and completely dead. These twins are not only alive BUT totally healthy - to this day!!" I agree that no normal human being has supernatural strength and abilities, but it was evident that these two women in the videos did.
(4) "Please pray for protection when you watch this documentary. I believe evil manifested itself, on earth, in 2008." Fay, you and I and all followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, realize that evil manifested itself on earth long before 2008 and continues to thrive until this hour and day.
In light of the above, I wish to inform you and any 5 Doves readers about the cause of the bizarre behaviours and abilities that were evident in the female twins in the videos. I can speak mostly for the one twin who was filmed before police and displayed different temperaments to those who incarcerated her. In truth, she was demon possessed.
Demons when inhabiting a human, exert superhuman powers and abilities.  They do not have need of sleep nor to eat while in-dwelling a human. They can speak multiple languages, that those they inhabit do not know. They are completely foul in their disgust of human beings and usually spew as venomous words and filth that they can. I know these things by first-hand experience and revelation knowledge of G-d.
I mean this post only to inform and teach those in the body of Christ Jesus, about the prevalence of demonic possession that can and does take place today in our modern societies. We should be on guard and well informed of all that the enemy is doing, to thwart the Kingdom of G-d.
In love and in Christ Jesus,
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