Vocio (9 Nov 2011)
"Remember Tara Frasier?  JOE FRAZIER has died.  Just in case."

John B (3 Aug 2011)
"Three different rapture dreams in the last month"
Dream 3
This is the one that was the most bizarre to me, it happened a couple weeks ago.
In my dream Jesus spoke to me:

He said that I would know the approximate time he was coming for us in the rapture because it would be soon after the death of a Tara Fraser or Tara Frasier.

I awoke from this dream and put that name to memory and have not shared this dream with anyone other than my wife until now. I normally don't put much stock in dreams but we are told to do so now in these "last days". So for whatever it's worth I am sharing this and the other two dreams with Doves. I don't know any Tara Frasier's but I now find myself daily watching our local obit's for her reported demise. If one pops up, I will be way, way beyond excited and will certainly give you all a heads up.(literally)
Just keep watching----He's coming
     John B
OUR LORD JESUS IS AT THE DOOR.   Be prepared to receive HIM. 
Vocio Denario
PSJoe Frazier died Monday, November 7, 2011, in PHILADELPHIA (Church of PHILADELPHIA, the one to be raptured? 
Maybe just a coincidence :-)