Veronica N (25 Nov 2011)
"encouraging dream about the rapture"

To all doves,
 I haven't posted on doves for a while but I do read the posts regularly.
I had a dream last night that encouraged me and will encourage all you
watchers that have been patiently watching and sharing and waiting.

I dreamt that I saw a couple from my church they are husband and wife
the husband said I'm looking for my bride but his wife was sat next to him.
I remembered thinking but she is right next to you and you are already married.
then I was in a room with a huge table set for a wedding there were flowers on the
table and baskets of bread beautiful glittering wine glasses and white plates shining
silver cutlerly and a shining white table cloth. And I knew I was been shown that every
thing was ready for the wedding supper of the of our Lord Jesus Christ and his bride,
then I woke up.

But as soon as I woke up I was given the Interpretation I realized that the man in the dream
represented the Lord and he was looking for those that are yet to be part of his bride and his
wife represented those of his bride that are walking with him.

So I realised that it is really important to the Lord to reach the remaining soles that are to come
to him. This should encourage us to pray more for our unsaved families and share with others as
often as we can a bout our Lord.

Veronica N