Tony Ellsworth (8 Nov 2011)
"41 & 43 twin primes"

John Tng, Bob, & Doves,
I could use any light you may be able to shed upon the spiritual significance of the number 43.  41 & 43 are twin primes.
George Bush was the 43rd president w/ his father being the 41st.
I am anxiously watching the upcoming 43rd anniversary of Apollo 8 & thier declaration for God.
Man landing on the moon is the most significant accomplishment in recent history.  Apollo 8 declared the glory of God, whereas the landing, Apollo 11 declared the glory of man.  This was the first 9 - 11 (after Apollo 8 circled the moon, it read to the world Genesis 1:1-10 on Christmas Eve 1968, the subsequent 9 -11 Apollo missions ended in "one giant leap for mankind...)
In my own personal ship in the Navy has a bold 43 at its bow...I have attached a copy of the picture.  I always like how the mast looks like a "cross" as well.
Tony Els