Tony Ellsworth (3 Nov 2011)
"Christmas Eve Rapture"

Like many of you, I look to the Jewish Feasts with anticipation for the Rapture.  When they pass, I am encouraged to remember that this is special period of time, and it may be very well that the great "catching away" will not occur on a biblical feast day.
There is great hope in the days ahead...
Here is something of note:
Palestine[i] (Arabic: فلسطينFilasṭīn/Falasṭīn/Filisṭīn), officially declared as the State of Palestine (Arabic: دولة فلسطين‎, Dawlat Filasṭin),[1][2][3] is a state that was proclaimed in exile in Algiers on 15 November 1988, when the Palestine Liberation Organization's (PLO) National Council (PNC) adopted the unilateral Palestinian Declaration of Independence. At the time of the 1988 declaration, the PLO did not exercise control over any territory,[4] and its claimed territory remains under Israeli occupation.[5] It claims the Palestinian territories[1] and has designated Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine,[ii][2][3] despite Israeli control.
This happens, this year, to be the day after the 17th of Cheshvan.  Of course this is the day that the rains of judgment came upon the earth "as in the days of Noah"
Genesis 7
 17 For forty days the flood kept coming on the earth, and as the waters increased they lifted the ark high above the earth
Cheshvan 10 & 17 are great watch days.  I will be filled w/ joy if these are the days.  I am, however, also counting 40 days ahead as the "ark was lifted high above the earth..."
From date:Monday, November 14, 2011

Added 40 days

Resulting date: Saturday, December 24, 2011

This is the third day of Hanukah, but it also the 43rd anniversary of Apollo 8's declaration of God through Genesis 1:1-10

More to come...


Tony Els