T.O. (29 Nov 2011)
"to Rowina: " Doves trying to figure out who are Jews""


I found your writing on this topic excellent and "accurate" !! ... and no,... none of it is a myth - lol
( It is predictable that opinions will vary on this topic...)

Having researched much of it myself through history and the Bible itself, I am glad to read a letter of amazing substance.
Again, the Bible gives us much info where the lost "ten tribes" traveled through" and even mentions of the many that did not make the whole trip through the mountains...to the new land of the North and settled along Europe, especially the north countries.

About the English/ British ties:
Do you suppose this is why there has been such of tug of war with the "Coronation Stone" (Jacob's Pillow), back and forth between England and Scotland?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it's a wonderful lesson yet to be learned by many ( just my opinion...  :-))

God Bless You sister,