Taylor (12 Nov 2011)
"Can Pancreatic & Other Cancer be cured Naturally?"

It was a shock when computer genius and entrepreneur Steve Jobs died in 2011 at 56 years of age. He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, treated surgically, and was believed cured and expected to live much longer than he did.
Essiac, Flor Essence, Prayer and an old Ojibwa Medicine Man
A contributor to this article says a CT scan performed on her confirmed a rapidly growing tumor on her pancreas that left her to be unable to eat, and caused her severe pain, jaundice and exhaustion. She had already met with her lawyer and called her life insurance company to alert them to her fast approaching demise when she made what might have been a last trip to the local church. There, a man sitting in front of her prayed personally and fervently for her healing. So did her chiropractor. So did others. Someone got her some Essiac and Flor Essence, both teas made from a number of North American plants used by the Ojibwa first nations for hundreds of years to cure cancer. She was able to digest that tea when nothing else would stay down, and eventually an MRI confirmed that her pancreas was back to normal. There is a rising question; could prayer and the tea have helped Steve Jobs? Patrick Swayze? The myriads of others taxing health care systems?
Q – What is Flor•Essence Tea?
A – Flor Essence Tea is a blend of eight carefully selected herbs that originated with the Ojibwa Indians of Canada and is mixed and processed in a special way using no alcohol or chemical extraction methods. With the idea of preparing, presenting and offering the tea blend as natural and close to nature as is humanly possible.
Q – What is the main health value of Flor•Essence Tea?
A – When taken internally, Flor Essence Tea imparts vital constituents to the body’s natural cleansing activity (which is ongoing), including strong detoxifying and internal cleansing support to the liver, lungs, bowels, kidneys, urinary tract, skin, lymphatic system, and cells. Flor-Essence Tea, as one of its major benefits, supports cellular detoxification through additional support of the immune system and macrophage activity. The tea helps balance the functioning of body systems, improves digestion over time (some of the herbs have bitters), and enables the user to feel better faster. There are tonic qualities to many of the herbs, meaning they bring various body systems into a more natural state of balance, in addition to the cleansing activity of the formula.
Q – What evidence exists that Flor•Essence Tea is effective?
A – Since the 1920s when Nurse Rene Caisse first used a version of the tea, many of the users and doctors have validated the remarkable benefits attributed to taking Flor Essence Tea. Oral and written testimonies include reporting of: reduction or lessening of pain, improved recovery from disorders of many kinds, free radical scavenging activity, sleep improvement, a better quality of life in spite of serious physical disorders, and relief from a wide variety of physical problems, and overall health improvement. Dr. Brusch and Rene Caisse warmly referred to it as “re-educating the cells’ activity.”
Q – What are the eight herbs that are combined and processed to make Flor•Essence Tea?
A – The herbs that synergistically achieve the remarkable benefits of Flor Essence Tea are organic burdock root, organic sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, watercress, rhubarb root, organic kelp, organic blessed thistle, and organic red clover blossom.
Q – Will I get the same results if I just use the herbs individually?
A – The herbs have been shown to be more beneficial in combination and help achieve greater results than any of the single herbs used alone. Dr. Charles A. Brusch and Nurse Rene Caisse, the two individuals with the most knowledge of the formulas, proved through over eighty years of research, individually and collectively, that this particular combination of eight herbs is the most effective. According to the research, Dr. Brusch referred to it as the perfected or refined complete formula. They even tried adding other herbs to the mix but results in clinical practice showed the eight herb version to be the most effective over time. (Dr. Brusch had 18 physicians on staff at his Cambridge, Massachusetts clinic.) Although it is true that many of the single herbs and various combinations of herbs have usefulness, the version now famously known as Flor Essence Tea is the version which has been shown to be the most effective and had the potential to help the most people
Flor Essence Tea® Herbal Tea Blend
Cleanse and detoxify to maximum health
active long lasting energy

Flor Essence Tea is an basic part of a healthy lifestyle. This tea cleanses and detoxifies right down to the deepest cellular level. You can now help your body to maintain great health. Regular maintenance and attentiveness to health on a daily basis can slow down the clock that never fails to tick. Active and long lasting energy is important for a long happy life. No matter how old you are, you can now feel younger and be more energetic.

It is up to you to say how you want to feel. In a busy world, there is little time to do the things that secure a long and healthy life. Yet, when it comes to health, the clock never stops ticking. The longer we ignore what our body is telling us, the faster the clock ticks. Not because we do not care, but because we do not take the time.
The first warning signals, such as a decrease in energy, are faint at first and often become accepted as normal. Energy levels drop day after day as your body becomes overloaded with material toxins and free radicals due to an unhealthy, unbalanced diet, poor digestion, irregular elimination, excess stress and external influences, such as air pollution.
The result of ignoring these signals in the short term is that we will slowly start to lose our vital health. Often, the warning signs are present years before health issues are discovered. Due to this lack of attentiveness to our health, most of us are far older on the inside than the number of years we have actually lived.

Poor health may be progressive, but the good news is this progression can be addressed at any stage. Cleansing and detoxifying are extremely important to our internal health systems, as are regular check ups by qualified health professionals. Be sure to take a few moments every day to determine what your body is telling you about your state of health.

Now, with Flor Essence Tea you can produce a deep cell internal cleanse and reduce your toxic load to next to nothing in as little time as it takes to sip a cup of tea, you can now begin to reverse the effects of time and to feel as young and energetic as you want. You can feel the wonderful deep cell internal cleansing results. Remember that your use of the Flor Essence Tea while being regular has a consistent deep cell cleansing effect.