Suzi (8 Nov 2011)
"Thank you Fay, and sorry you are getting my fall out!"

Fay said it perfectly, much nicer than I would have too. I noticed that SHE was getting 'lectured/preached at' over things I said.

Yes, I have a background in Witchcraft. I was attracted to and seduced by the occult when I was a child. I became a self proclaimed 'witch' at 13, was initiated into a coven at 23, but by the Grace of God, was sent into my life a wonderful Christian man who, against all caution of being 'unevenly yoked' fell in love with me and led me to the Lord. I became a Christian, casting off all the things from my past, having them washed away by the Blood of Jesus at the age of 26.

When I talk about wiccan/occult/pagan beliefs, I know what I'm talking about. I used to know the witches wheel/calendar as well as I knew the traditional Judeo-Christian-US one. Because I asked for all that to be taken away, I've since forgotten most of the 'high days' (to even call any day 'satan's holy day' is a misnomer!! It is practically an oxymoron, since Satan, nor anything he loves or is entwined in could never be 'holy'!!

I very much appreciate my sister in Christ Fay for 'having my back'....and yes, I agree, this subject has been beaten to death, I'm sure at the delight of the Enemy!

I am saddened that instead of focusing on those who are truly lost in this world, some here have chosen to actually engage in a Witch hunt...and it seems that not just I, but an innocent bystander, Fay, have been the ones 'burned at the stake'!!

Again, thank you Fay...I'm glad someone 'gets it'.

Blessings to you,