Suzi (8 Nov 2011)
"To Carol Garza: Re fear"


You are making the point for me! EVERYDAY we have to take that stand. NONE of our DAYS can be robbed away from us, by any 'powers' be they spiritual or humans in high places.

We have an invisible war going on all around us. God knows the intent in our hearts when we do things, (ie: give candy, have a party, dress up) on any given day. What people don't seem to understand is, a real pagan/wiccan can be performing their 'art' right in front of you in a public place at any time...just as we can say a silent prayer or as you did, go into a Spirited/Spirit Filled lecture!!

We need to take the blinders off and realize that Hollywood and yes, those 'powers that be' in the world have trained us to think that certain things mean things they do not. The media and all the major entertainment companies/entities are owned by half a dozen groups or organizations. That's big. They can control what we 'know' and are told. They can present an issue in a certain light that will influence people. The things is, if we are strong and as you said, 'ready' with the true Armor of God, we don't have to be afraid.

I always love the idea of just coming to the 'bottom line'. You see, we can 'skip to the end'...we KNOW how this story goes and we KNOW who 'wins' and how!!

Oh, and in reference to your friend, I too made the comment to my daughter after she'd written a scathing political  comment, '
"you know "they" keep track of everything you 'say' online?". She boldly, and with her snarky wit raised her head and said, 'I don't care who's listening!!'. *making a play on anything spiritual who was eaves dropping, or the conspiracy theory idea that 'they' have us all 'bugged' with the new cable boxes and our cell phones!! *of course, it's a fact that EVERY twitter post is 'captured' and kept/saved/becomes the property of the Library of Congress!!*

I don't disagree there are some 'scary' things out there...but setting on focus on the fearful and letting it control your live is counter-productive and, in my opinion a 'slap in the Face' of  He who died so we don't have to be a slave to 'fear' any longer!

I have a friend who is, what I call a 'Born Again Catholic', she grew up in the Church, yet teaches her youth group the importance of 'relationship' with the Lord. No matter what, she will not miss going to church if not on Sunday, then a Sat. or Monday visit will be a must! I've been with her on weekends at events where we were up till 2-3 am after driving back to our hotel after a long drive...and she's gotten up after only a few hours sleep, and walked 7-8 blocks in a vague direction (given by hotel staff *this was before iphones and gps), that 'the church is 'that way'). I asked her, since we were in a VERY bad/scary area of town, 'were'nt you afraid?' (my mom alarm going off thinking of this petite woman walking down these streets at the crack of dawn all alone)...she said, 'no, I never walk alone, The Holy Spirit walked with me and go me there and back safe and sound'. :)

Thanks so much for understanding where I'm coming from. We should not give into fear...that's what Satan wants!